Iodine and gyno

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    Here are some facts:

    1. I have applied topical iodine to the areolas at least daily for over a month now
    2. I have experienced a lot of muscle growth in the chest area recently.
    3. My pinch testable gyno has appreciably reduced in size during this time, at every time of day, and I notice a difference with the “shirt shadow” test as well.
    4. I am not a doctor.
    5. I have only experienced points 1 and 3 recently and at the same time.

    Take this information as you will. Iodine is cheap. I’ve definitely seen enough of a difference to credit it with it. There is now no detectable “fat shadow” in the wrong place when shirtless.
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    That's awesome, but what happens when you apply directly to your balls?
  3. Pretty interesting. What's the science behind this? How does it do what it does?
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    If I were to hazard a guess it would be almost completely uneducated. In other words, your guess is as good as mine.

    In short, I have had success supplementing with iodine in the past. I also was keen to try anything that might assist with gyno (that shirt nipple pressure is unfriendly to self confidence). I read that some gyno is related to thyroid dysfunction (which iodine helps to regulate), that iodine successfully treats and shrinks benign growths (granted - gyno is not cystic per se), and that iodine is very well absorbed transdermally, and bam I was rubbing iodine on my nipples to see what happened. This is what happened for me. I tried a 3 month course of raloxifene, letro (similar results, but much more temporary and a bit less effective actually for me), arimistane (did nothing).

    Unless you’re iodine sensitive for some reason, the dangers aren’t too bad IME. I’ll get a nosebleed once in a blue moon but I’m taking extra iodine on top. Only other risk really seems to be skin irritation and temporary redness, definitely do not apply less than 12 hours before going shirtless in public.

    Attached a photo of now, chest flexed slightly in a way that would normally highlight the gyno. Also just had two Chinese food entrees two hours ago so probably very bloated, another usual case for flare up of the puffiness. Compare this pic to the past pics on my profile.

    As you can see, I’ve obviously put on some mass in that area, but to my eyes the ‘fat cone’ has dissipated outpacing the mass gain a bit.

    I also feel an appreciable difference when pinch testing. It feels softer, and like the circumference has shrank.

    So I’ll let you decide based on the pictured. It’s offered me some relief and helped my self esteem, maybe it could offer someone else the same.

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    While I'm still having flashbacks to the balls thread, this is genuinely interesting. Given the dearth of salt in my diet, may give a bit of iodine a go.
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    Worth a shot for sure. Definitely a “you’ll know” kind of situation. I’m a fast responder though in general, face calmed down within a few days of accutane. That sort of thing. I’d say give it a week or however long you normally do. Way I figure is if it’s working topically it’s going right to the site.