Iodine Testicle Painting. Confirmed works.

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    Every cell in the body requires iodine. Toxic halogens like flouride, chlorine, and bromine will overtake and occupy iodine's spot in the cell. It's impossible to avoid said halogens, we're constantly being exposed to it (drinking water, tooth paste, bread, etc). Just think about this: every day you're constantly reintroducing chlorine into your body by drinking tap water, thus displacing iodine from your body. Obviously this includes the cells in your testicles. If your balls aren't working at 100% efficiency, then neither is your testosterone production. You're also likely not getting enough iodine in your diet. The RDA for iodine is 150mcg. That's absurdly small compared to average daily iodine intake in Japan which is 13.5mg. You're not gonna kick out the halogens from your body unless you take mg's.

    Back to the topic of "testicle painting". The idea is to transdermally apply iodine on your scrotum, which passes through the skin and goes directly to your testicles and leydig cells. I've tried it and here are my findings: harder erections, increased libido (after a couple hours I get the most powerful urge to bust a nut), semen more thick and creamy. I don't claim it boosts testosterone like all the other websites say, but it undoubtedly has a positive effect on the sexual organs.

    Here's a pdf where the protocol is further broken down: The secret that doubles testosterone

    Apparently the protocol requires a bunch of different vitamins/minerals, but I just take a multi and the iodine, still works fine for me. The iodine brand you want to use is "Lugols 2%", search on amazon. Hopefully you're not ignorant and disregard things just because they sound stupid, like @Michael Scally MD did on this same topic, otherwise you'll be missing out on a life changing hack.
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    Sounds interesting
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    Ooooo tagged Dr Mike by name.

    Spicy. Sub’d.
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    Gonna get real interesting quick plus spicier than chili lol
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    Theres several brands of the Lugols 2% solution. Does it matter which one? Has anyone else tried this out?
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    Well, that's all the proof I need... @Michael Scally MD clearly has been lying to us all so he paint his scrotum with iodine and laugh at all of us.... (How's that for a mental image?)

    No shit Japan's daily intake of iodine is higher than ours... Is that a surprise to anyone if you look at a comparison in diets?

    Googling "iodine testicle painting" will result in some of the most clickbait-y websites I've ever seen, and that includes the link in the OP. How often have you read an article titled something like "the secret that doubles testosterone" and it turned out to be even close to accurate.
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    I imagine him using a fan brush like a Testosterone friendly Bob Ross. "Now we'll paint a happy lil scrotum over here".

    You're right on the googling of that. I didnt get a chance earlier as I was doing something else. IDK....Iodine is cheap, might be worth a shot. But definately looking forward to the discussion with @Michael Scally MD.
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    Really just cause I want a reason to have some chick tickle my nuts with a paintbrush though.
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    I'm not saying that getting iodine in your diet isn't worthwhile...

    The Japanese, who take in about twenty times more iodine than Americans, don't have superhuman testosterone levels... They're actually pretty similar to the US, on average. The author just chalks it up to, "well, they're healthier than us and the extra iodine must be why."

    Spending money on transdermal iodine, which I would not categorize as cheap, is a waste of time and energy. Get a good diet instead... Get some salt with iodine, eat some seaweed, save your money.
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    Why paint it on? Why not just buy a gallon jug and tea bag your sack into a coffee cup full of it? You could even heat up the coffee cup to help warm the iodine so you're not tea bagging a cup full of cold iodine.

    tea bag.gif

    I'll bet @Michael Scally MD will hang up medicine forever after reading the well documented proof provided by the OP. Not.
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    Love this thread
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    It must be getting close to the weekend I guess and OP must be terribly bored.

    The good Doctor most likely give the most eloquent response to OP’s amazingly silly post.
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    Everyone’s comments crack me up
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    ITT: Typical ignorant sheep, a perfect example of the hivemind that is the general populace. Plebs is a fitting term for such people. The good ol Doc dismisses it and people take his word for it without a second thought. The blind leading the blind. I could easily rebuttal all the naysayer's here with their cringe logic, but when I think about it, I'd rather them stay ignorant than have them admit they were wrong, they don't deserve to know the truth.

    I dare anyone to quote any part of what I wrote in the OP as incorrect. I simply laid out some facts about iodine and then my personal findings with the painting protocol. Those that try this will be pleasantly surprised, those that won't obviously won't, and those that post objections acting like they know what they're talking about will continue to make themselves look like a fool, without themselves being aware of it hilariously enough.
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    Sheep because you posted up one of a million cuck-bait articles covering a flawed study or because we recognize anecdotal observations for what they are?
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    Also I only linked that pdf for the breakdown of the protocol ingredients, not for "proof" that the protocol works. You want proof, brush up your google'ing skills. There are a plethora of forum threads of this particular protocol with anecdotes supporting it, and if you knew anything about iodine and it's role and interactions with the body, you wouldn't even be questioning this protocol in the first place because everything would click. Just dummies being dummies here. I don't owe such people anything.
  17. Did a little testicle painting once when I picked up some hitchhikers after an incall bender. Preliminary trials concluded apple cider vinegar is not effective wart remover. Happy to report that it does make your cock smell like collard greens which gained strong support from those pros originating south of the mason dixon....
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    I was not going to post anything, but the temptation was too much when this came over my Twitter feed. Seems about right ... or close enough ...

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    Not questioning iodine's role in the body, nobody is.

    Painting your balls with it though, yeah.
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    Hate to tell you but general populace 99.9% time is correct. Some nutbag paints his nutbag and has thick semen? Wow, sign me up! Read this shit 10yrs ago, its garbage. You think you discovered something new, Christopher Columbus? Bad news, Indians were already here....
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