Ipam + cjc dosages/sides - Bunk?

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    I got my peps in the mail yesterday. Ordered a bunch of stuff; cjcdac, mod grf, ipam, bpc, dsip, to test out.

    I've dosed ipam at 300mcg and mod at 225mcg before bed and in the morning. I expected lot's of head flushing with this dosages but have experienced nothing thus far. No hypo feelings either. I also pinned 2mg cjcdac yesterday.

    Interested in your experiences with similar dosages. I'm also interested in your opinion on how to draw bloods with this combo which I most certainly will do tomorrow or some other time this week. I was thinking 500mcg ipam + 100mcg mod, 45 mins before bloods? And does the site of injct matter regarding Tmax? I have very little fat on my belly so prefer to pin on love handles, which I know is less circulated with blood then other fat areas ...

    This was one of my more impulsive buys and didn't check the source that much. But it's uk's most popular (I think) RC peps site so didn't think much of it; now I'm a bit worried.

    Tnx and appreciate any pointers you can give me.
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    Ok, finally got some bloods. This was 24h after 2mg cjcdac and 40 minutes after 400mcg ipam + 100 mcg mod grf 129. Cjc dac was the second pin of 2mg, first was 7 days ago.

    I only did GH, and it came at 8 ug/L. This is a really small number for 400 ipam. And it's maybe what one should expect only on cjc dac?

    I felt a flush after cjc (I think), so I presume cjc is ok, but the ipam and mod are bunk ...
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    I got Ipam from two different companies and don't think either are legit. No sides at all. Sadly finding a good peptide company or one that stays consistent isn't easy. I got burned on TB500 and few other things last time a few years back. I had hoped the peptide companies kicked their game up a bit more. (Non are or were ever sponsors here). But everyone I have ever dealt with at some point over the years I got something bunk. So I'm done with them all together.
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    Yes sadly, some vials seem to be ok, but other are bunk.

    I've since tried noveaux, or something like that, a ghrp2/mod grf combo, and it's definetly legit. As far as ghrp2 goes at least. Vascularity is up, hunger is up, etc. It's a 5mg / 5mg combo and it costs 5x less then the bunk peps I got from uk-peptides ... go figure.

    Going to order bio-peptides from a source here next and try that.
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    Well ... looking at this data again, a bit more thoroughly, there is no way cjc alone would have raised GH to 8 ug/L. So it must have been either ipam or mod. I presume it was only mood, as ipam would have raised it much higher.

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