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Hello Meso

We are Iron Anabolics and we come to you on New source Friday to advertise our small operation based in the United Kingdom providing high quality and clean AAS to a few private clients for a number of years. We are a 2-man UGL who promise to provide quality & clean gear.

We would like to start off by offering a small selection of injectable products at competitive prices.

As well as serving our private clients we also use our own gear and have been for the past few years.

We rent a small space in a private lab roughly once a month for the weekend. A room with minimum movement is used for the brewing and packaging of the products. An overall, gloves, and mask are worn throughout the whole process. Any surface which is to be used is cleaned multiple times with 70% IPA.

All glassware & vials are soaked in 70% IPA for 1 hour, washed with distilled water and then covered in disinfected foil followed by dry heat sterilization for a total of 4 hours @ 205°C/400°F.

The whole process may seem slow but this ensures that everything is made without cutting any corners or compromising the quality of the finished product.

All our oils are filtered through a 0.45μm first and then a 0.22μm sterile PVDF bottle top filter. The filtered oil is dispensed into sterile vials using a bottle top dispenser. The vial is immediately sealed with sterilized silicone stopper and set aside. These vials are then capped using a vial crimper. Each vial is inspected and then labelled.

All our equipment is then thoroughly cleaned, packed and put back into storage. Finished product is stored in a separate storage. We do not keep any of the lab equipment or finished product in our own homes with the exception of a few unlabelled vials which we use for our own cycles.

Quality Control:
We request up to date lab analysis reports from our raws supplier with each order which can be shared on Meso but some identifying information will be blanked as to not reveal our supplier.

A melting point test is done for each raw compound, this isn't the most accurate way to verify the compound and we plan to tackle this issue very soon by sending samples from each raw order for lab analysis.

We also plan to regularly send in finished products for lab analysis which will be shared with Meso members. We have already had our Tren A 100mg tested which can be accessed using this link:

Bloodwork and Lab analysis credit:
Customers will be offered £80 store credit for sending in our products for lab analysis and sharing the report with Meso. If this does not cover any costs associated with the lab analysis then please email us the invoice from the lab and we will take care of the issue.

We will also offer £60 store credit for each Testosterone blood test result posted on Meso if it adheres to the Meso protocol.

Only encrypted emails using a VPN over TOR will be used to communicate with customers, Tutanota and Protonmail to be precise. We have a dedicated encrypted device which will be used for conducting this business and will get wiped once every 2 weeks. All ordering information will be deleted once the customer receives the order. Any other emails will get deleted every 10 days.

Products can also be posted out without any labels if the customer wishes which we highly advise for anyone outside of United Kingdom.

Expansion plans:
Some of our equipment used for brewing will need to be upgraded as the business grows which we are in the process of researching and purchasing discreetly.

We plan to add a few more injectable compounds (Primo, Deca, Trest, TNE & more) to our list once we feel comfortable that we can handle the extra workload without any sacrifice in the quality of the products or customer service.

Test E 250mg - £22/€26

Test P 100mg - £18/€21

Tren A 100mg - £25/€30

Tren E 200mg - £30/€35

Mast P 100mg - £25/€30

Mast E 200mg - £30/€35

NPP 100mg - £22/€26

EQ 300mg - £22/€26

All prices are in GBP(£)/EUR(€) for 10ml vials and our carrier oil is GSO.

Orders & Queries:

Please use the following order format:
2 x Test E = £44
1 x EQ = £22
Shipping = £5
Total = £71
Payment with Bitcoin

Post to:
Greg Bentley
74 East Drive
S5 4DR

£5 flat fee for all orders, any orders paid for before 1pm UK time will be posted the same day through Royal Mail or DHL. Packs will usually arrive the next working or the day after for UK customers and 3-5 days for EU customers.

We ship to all European countries.

There is no minimum order, you can order as little as 1 vial but this will change in the future unfortunately.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Monero ONLY

Anabolic Donation will by the end of this month and we plan to make donations every 3 months.

We also made a post on SST a few days ago but haven’t sourced anywhere online before then.

Looking forward to answering any questions and getting roasted.

Can’t share tit pics as the wife would murder me.

Lab Results:

Tren A

Photos of some of our equipment and stock can be seen here:




3k2ekveb.jpg (will update this in a few days)


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We will be offering a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE sale
for all our products until 30/11/2019. Please mention this when emailing us.

We are offering this promotion to entice new customers to try us out and hopefully start building some trust and reputation. The low prices does not mean that you will be getting an inferior product or service.

Thankyou <3


While prices can't compete with established EU sources even using both the 2+1 & bloodwork promo, it's good to see more EU sources around and especially for the UK guys domestic gear should be a USP. You'll probably have a good time on SST as they have no decent EU sources and part of their memberbase is oblivious to other gear boards/vendors.


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Please do not ask for free products in exchange for blood results. Very disappointed to get a message from someone who has been on this board for a number of years.


Been in business as a lab for several years, but don't offer any orals whatsoever & not even deca or sust? If not, why not?

As for the whole "OPSEC" spiel: whether you do or don't use a VPN, Tor, dedicated encrypted devices wiped every 2 weeks, don't store stock or kit in your house blah blah blah, is irrelevant really. The UK is not the US. Anyone in the UK or EU buying AAS from you in personal use amounts isn't breaking any UK laws & will face no legal comebacks if you're nicked with their order details on your device(s). This is just regurgitated technobabble lifted straight out of most Meso US domestic threads practically verbatium. The only beneficiary from this "OPSEC" is you, assuming you do actually follow it, which you can't really prove you do anyway (although to be fair, nor can anyone else who makes similiar claims). So yeah, it's all pretty much "yeah whatever mate, who gives a fuck" on that subject. No offence intended btw, just pointing out that it isn't a valid selling point with regards to UK based retail sources & wouldn't want a naive newbie desperate for a source to think it was.

On the plus side, your prices are ok for a domestic UK mail order source. Problem is you're untested as both a lab & a source.

Fair play on not posting pics of your wife's tits, btw. Who would trust buying drugs off a guy who posts pics of his wife's tits for "likes"?!


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Please do not ask for free products in exchange for blood results. Very disappointed to get a message from someone who has been on this board for a number of years.
Was it free products for blood results or asking if you would give store credit for bloodwork?