IronMagLabs CYANOSTANE Rx™ Loggers Needed!!!

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    CYANOSTANE Rx™ - Pro-Anabolic Complex

    - Rapid Lean Muscle Growth
    - Rock Hard Vascular Physique
    - Increased Strength and Power
    - Zero Aromatization to Estrogen
    - Amplified Workout Drive

    >>> IronMagLabs Bodybuilding Supplements & Prohormones: Cyanostane Rx <<<

    Loggers must be experienced lifters that reside in the USA.

    IronMagLabs is looking for the loggers to use 2 caps per day for 4 weeks.

    You must start the log in this forum BEFORE October 15th.

    You must have OVER 250 posts at MESO and be an adult.

    Preferably loggers must use this product on its own.

    Please post in this thread why you should be considered for logging this product for free.