Is 1 hour HIIT too much?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Tormanto, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Tormanto Junior Member

    i am on 1g test e/week
    ECA + T4 and clean with 8x8 method 4times a week
    and HIIT 6 times a week.
    i do 30 min x2 cardio sessions in the evening
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    Demondosage Member

    I'm not sure I'm following you correctly here. ARe you saying your doing HIT cardio or HIT weight training?
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    Tormanto Junior Member

    hiit cardio:cool:
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    Demondosage Member

    my advice is to drop your cardio down to 3x/wk. Cardio can make you go flat and depleted and really make your muscles softer and stringy looking when you get carried away with it. I benefit more from HIT cardio myself, but I simply use cardio to keep my metabolism firing and I let the diet dial me in. Especially with thyroid hormones, this frequency of cardio combined with that will just tear muscle off ur frame quickly if ur not careful. You may find that by limiting your cardio to 3x/wk for 30-40 minutes you will get harder looking and your muscles will stay fuller. I like the stairmaster myself for this, 30 min 3x/wk with a strict diet can dial me in to 4-5% bf in a standard 12-14 wk diet. I actually look better, harder, and grainy with less cardio than more. Try it!!!
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    Tormanto Junior Member

    or 40 min hiit 4x week
    40 min low intensity 3x week
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    DanB Junior Member

    im sorry but if you can do hiit for a hour then you arent doing it right and it isnt hiit, you need to increase your intensity and shorten rest periods
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    Tormanto Junior Member

    ok .. 30 min is more than enough
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    JonnySak Member

    This. My HIIT is 4 minutes long. And I roll off the airdyne when I'm done.
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    toothache Junior Member

    I do the 4min hiit kicks your ass if done right. I do it right after weight training so i'm already warmed up and heartbeat raised.
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    test_icle Junior Member

    Theyre on about cardio you dumbass .. HIT = high intensity training

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