Is 300mgs of Test Enough For A First Cycle???

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Millineum Man, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Millineum Man

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    Guys, is 300mgs of Test a week enough to grow on a First Cycle? I know most guys recommend higher doses(ie.Test@400-600mgs/wk), but I wanted to keep things as possible. I also didn't want to have to use arimidex because of the higher dose. I have access to Test Enanthate@300mg/ml. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of doing this.

    Test Enanthate@300mgs for 12 weeks
    Dbol@25mgs ED weeks 1-6

    pct will begin 2 weeks after the last shot. Stats: 31 years old, 6'3" 225lbs and 9% bodyfat. Goals: 12-15lbs of lean, muscular bodyweight post cycle. I'll have nolvadex just in case. What do ya think???
  2. Millineum Man

    Millineum Man Junior Member

    Up for more opinions, please....
  3. Cronk

    Cronk Junior Member

    You can grow off that cycle. And you already stated that you'll have nolva just in case. Good luck.
  4. THL

    THL Junior Member

    You'll reach your goals with that dose. I would do 600mg in week 1 though to get your blood levels up faster.
  5. J DUB

    J DUB Junior Member

    300mg is certainly enough. As far as the 600mg frontload goes, it won't hurt but it won't significantly increase your gains, if at all. Good luck and have fun with the first cycle...there's nothing like it!

    BTW, if you want MAXIMAL results from the cycle, post your training and nutrition info so that we can look at that. Oftentimes, people are not training efficiently and not eating enough to really get good gains. Please do this, as it will make a world of difference for you I promise.
  6. road warrior

    road warrior Junior Member

    In wk 5 of test cyp 300mg1xwk and have been very happy with the gains. EAT.

    road warrior
  7. THL

    THL Junior Member

    I agree, it wont make a huge difference, but to say a frontload doesn't help at all, I disagree. I've done it both ways and feel a front load is well worth it.
  8. Millineum Man

    Millineum Man Junior Member

    Road Warrior, what kind of results have you received, strength & growth wise???
  9. Millineum Man

    Millineum Man Junior Member

    THL, so you would do something like this.

    Test Enanthate@600mgs week 1
    Test Enanthate@300mgs weeks 2-12
    Dbol@25mgs ED weeks 1-6

    Does this sound better? I will post my diet in a little bit.
  10. lestatgear

    lestatgear Junior Member

    That looks perfectly fine for a first cycle IMO.
  11. Deacon

    Deacon Member

    you are fine with 300 mgs like you have it - frontloading test with 600 mgs is a waste IMO - all you are doing is spiking your test levels nothing more

    just keep it simple as you have stated and eat like crazy but wisley

    in theory as long as you add calories each time you could use 300 mgs for a very long time and still grow
  12. THL

    THL Junior Member

    How do you figure?

    Lets say enanthate has a 7 day half life. I know it's a little longer but 7 days will make it easier to calculate. If you do 600mg week 1, you will be at 300mg at your next injection. Adding 300 more will bring you back up to 600, which is what you will maintain for the remainder of the cycle.

    Without a frontload, your levels will go like this: 300, 450, 525, 562.5, 581.25, 590.625, 595.3125, 597.65. So basically, it will take you 8 weeks to reach the same level that you can accomplish with a front load by week 2.
  13. Deacon

    Deacon Member

    how I figure is that I have never got shit from a frontload - IMO you are way better off using either prop or a fast acting oral to kickstart - all that frontload does is give you a ego boost - it takes test e 4-5 weeks to really be effective as far as results anyway so what good does that extra 300 mgs do? Nothing.

    Most experienced bros I know who have tried frontloads dont use them anymore either

    so if your model works so well by the numbers how come so many swear off of it?

    How many cycles have you done and what are your frontload doses like?
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  14. J DUB

    J DUB Junior Member

    I agree, no matter what test e or cyp takes about 4 wks to kick in for most. If you have 300mg to spare, might as well do it ain't gonna kill you.

    Looking back, I probably never needed more than 300mg. It is ALL about your eating and training. There aren't many people who really NEED to take 1g of test a week.
  15. THL

    THL Junior Member

    Well, I woudn't suggest it if I hadn't tried it myself and found it effective.

    You say "most" of the experienced bros you know don't use them, so I'm assuming some of them still do?

    My 1st cycle was 500 test e/400 deca without a front load. Like most people, I didn't really notice much until week4 or so. My next cycle was 750 mg/week of test e alone. I front loaded 1500 mg in week 1 and could definately tell the difference in the amount of time before I started noticing results. I could "feel" it by the end of the second week. I only did one other traditional cycle after that and it was similar to the second one. I started doing short 2 week cycles after that and I still use a front load with those.

    I agree that an oral or test prop/susp would be more effective than a front load. But he is only using test enanthate, and IMO, he will benifit from the frontload.
  16. Deacon

    Deacon Member

    I completely understand your math there figuring the half life and how much you should have in your system by this day or week etc - there was a post not to long ago where a bro had it broken down much better - wish I could find it now

    in his conclusion the frontload didnt yield that much of a benefit - I think he used a roid calculator too

    each of us are different animals - if the frontload works for you use it - I know for me it never really did - I dont get any real kick until weeks 4-5
  17. Starkraven

    Starkraven Junior Member

    ditto. i will never use high doses again. at max i will go 500mg test/week but 250mg/week can work wonders. just pay attention to only diet/training and forget you are on the gear and the gains will come. your body produces 4-10mg/day = 70mg/week at max (high normal) HRT is 100mg/week which breaks down to 70mg/week raw test/week. so 300mg/week is TRIPLE the HRT dose.
  18. novicebb

    novicebb Member

    It depends on who you ask on this board. Trust me you will get varying opinions. I do think that 300mg of Test Enanthate for 12 weeks is enough and pratically safe, but would actually shoot for atleast 400-500 per week. Just realize that with the enanthate ester attach to the testosterone, you will not be injecting 300mg net testosterone. More like 225 or so.
  19. road warrior

    road warrior Junior Member

    Stronger in my workout and in the saddle. Haven't gained anything but muscle approx 1kg and continue to ride 12+ hrs wk. I am able to see the results in the gym and I'd say I "feel" the effects when I ride...