Is 460 a normal test level for a 29 year old?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Jrb, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I got my test level results back and my total T levels were 463. I have never used any type of steroid or test booster but I am having ED problems and I have low stamina in the bed room and I always feel overwhelmed and tired. Would a natural test booster like tribulus help or supertest?
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    You can try it if you can find some good stuff most of the crap out there is junk when it was tested they found trace amounts in the supplements they tested.

    I feel you need to find out why your this low at age 29 are you under a lot of stress if so this can run down your Adrenals and low cortisol will bring down your Thyroid. You need to do labs to figure out why your this low. Most Dr.'s will not put you on TRT you not low enough yet there are things that can go wrong that will lower you levels and if you fix them your levels go up.

    One thing is Estradiol levels being to high your young and should not have this problem but I have seen it happen.
    At my Forum at Yahoo I have a young man taking 1/8 of a pill of arimidex to keep his Estradiol levels down doing this his T levels come up some 200 points.

    Don't go on TRT until you get this figured out it's for life and a pain in the ass.

    Looking at the chart I have your levels are that of a man 75 to 84 yrs of age yes your in the normal range but for that age man.

    Go to All Things Male - Center for Men's Health and read TRT: A Recipe for Success in this are labs you need and why.

    Also read this link about Adrenals and Thyroid.
    Adrenal Fatigue Chelation «

    If you eat a lot of Soy or drink Soy milk this can lower your T levels stop using Soy.

    Here is a link that shows a study on how levels go up for T getting Estradiol levels down on Arimidex.

    Having lower levels like this make one feel like they are fatigued or Depressed can make it hard to think we call it brain fog and sleep can become a problem. This will take from the back of your life.
    How low testosterone negatively affects quality of life
    Low Testosterone May Up Male Mortality

    This link is great about low T and high E2.
    Male Hormone Modulation Therapy.. HGH replacement, Testosterone Replacement

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