Is dumbbell incline bench necessary for upper chest

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by 350lift, Aug 12, 2018.

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    before I had an injury I was able to flat bench and my upper chest was decent. Now I can barbell bench because the angle my arm Holds the bar seems super risky so I dumbbell bench instead.

    Is incline necessary for upper chest because I mostly feel it in my shoulders when I do incline
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  2. Sparkyp

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    From what I understand is dumbbell presses are the best whether flat or incline and that barbell is good for your chest but mainly hits triceps. Idk. This is what was passed to me
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    Yeah incline is a must for upper chest barbell or dumbell. You feel it in your shoulders because all presses requeire shoulders. But if you feel it too much lower the weight a bit keep your shoulder blades back , bring your chest out and change the position of your elbows turn them a little closer
  4. Looking at the anatomy of the muskuloskelature of the chest you can see it’s broken down into different sections. Depending on the angle of the movement and not necessarily what the movement is (Barbell, dumbbell, Machine) it’s the angles that target the different parts of your chest. So yes, incline movements are required do build the “upper shelf” of your chest. Incline dumbbell Press has been a stable for building my chest compared to incline Barbell I’m not in a fixed position which for my body type or range of motion is put into excess danger of injury. Also, using dumbbells have the ability to vary grips and positioning to work the chest a bit different each way in doing so & more muscle recruitment as will with using dumbbells.
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    I would say it's necessary for upper chest. Since you can't use the barbell anymore, keep using the dumbells and see how that feels. If you have trouble with those, try out incline machines. If your gym doesn't have any machines, try out some other gyms in your area. There are lots of different machines out there that can help you work around injuries.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone gusss it’s time to start inclining lol
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    I have nasty shoulder injuries and after about 6-8 months I finally was able to do pressing exercises but only with dumbbell since I can rotate my hand onto my sweet spot. All I do is Incline dumbbell. Can’t do flat
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    If you want nasty shoulders when you Bench 90degree angle. Flat or incline. I feel this way def hits upper chest best but puts load on shoulders more so than elbows slightly angles down ward so pretty much between were ur arms rest aside of you to elbows parallel with shoulders(90degree angle). Also on flat I bring the bar higher on my chest above nips. Pretty much upper chest area elbows parallel with shoulders n hits upper chest during flat to I feel works the whole peck more. That way.
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  9. @FourOneDeuxFitt , fucking nailed it, brother.

    The only caveat with dumbbells is that you are restricted with the weight you can use. I don't know about the gyms you guys are in but the heaviest dumbbells I have access to is 40kg. Unfortunately, that's why I'm now opting for the equivalent barbell movement. Generally though for a well-developed chest you need both horizontal and incline movements as well as maybe some isolation movements to hit the clavicular and the sternal head.

    Lastly, some metabolite techniques like drop and giant sets are excellent for overall chest development.
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  10. Don’t forget about some good old rest pause sets as well. Every once in a while they take the life outta me. Bands as well. Just gotta use them sparingly they take a toll on my elbows with the heavy eccentrics.
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    If your gym doesn't have adequate dumbbell poundage you can pre-exhaust the upper pecs with pec deck or flys.

    It's more about time under tension for the targeted muscle group than the sheer weight. I've known many guys that could incline 315 for reps but had little to no upper pecs.
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  12. Wunderpus

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    This is an issue with your form. You should feel it in the target muscle, evaluate what you're doing wrong...
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    yeah i got it figured out ive only inclined a few times in my life but i think i got the form correct now
  14. Demondosage

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    No, not necessary. I primarily do them over flat because I feel a better stretch from incline but I've seen too many ppl with good chests who don't even fuck with them. If you're pushing then you're pushing, challenge yourself and the chest will grow the way it's genetically destined to grow
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  15. Demondosage

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    It's like decline bench for example, do you know how many guys disregard the decline and hold it as worthless? And their chests aren't underdeveloped (including me, I NEVER do decline, still have a lower chest )
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  16. Eman

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    Absolutely. Ass needs to jump up 6" off the bench every rep, feet need to be spread as wide as possible with one on tip toes and the other on the heel. Ideally you'll fight to get one dumbbell up while the other lags behind by a mile, then work on the second one... Finish by dropping them onto the floor from lockout, then move up to the heavier ones.

    All about proper form.
  17. Demondosage

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  18. ergomaniac

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    I would say its not "necessary". personally ive never gotten much out of inclines except at the top range.
    for me, and use a lot of dumbells for "bodybuilding", I focus on where my hands start and where they end up, instead of just getting the weight "up". but mostly I focus on the muscle I m trying to stimulate.
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    for whatever reason, I remember reading this..
    Decline bench press better for pecs than incline bench press

    I can feel the upper chest with dips, depending on how the movement is done.
    my old mantra, besides "be the run" when I was running a lot was,.. "chins and dips, chins and dips". all day.
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    This post was from a while ago but damnit man that’s funny as shit!!!