Is it possible to completely remove estradiol from Trenbolone implants?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by master.on, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Is it?
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    U will need to filter many times and recrystalize many times to remove it check melting points should melt around 201° to 206° if estrogen is present it'll be a lower melting point
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    Use component TH. No estradiol.

    A long time ago I used sodium hydroxide to salt the estrogen and remove it from Synovex. This is so risky. Might as well just get some raws...

    However component Th when brewed yourself properly is the best fucking tren ever
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    Component th is recalled they quit making it without estradiol. It was to easy for home brewers to make so they had to make it harder for us
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    Since when...I just made some in April
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    So did I but went to make more like 2 months ago. They were outta stock so I did some research and found an article about it
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    Yea that has come up several times over the last 12 years. I’m sure it will be back..
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    I sure hope so next time it comes back (if it does) I'm going to buy a ton of it
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    Does it become water soluble with Sodium hydroxide?

    Estradiol has 2 hydroxy ( -OH ) groups, that might be converted to Sodium salt, although not as efficient as neutralizing a carboxylic acid

    While Tren has an -OH group, it is "used up" by the acetate ester

    You'd need at least 40 mg Sodium hydroxide for every 272.38 mg estradiol
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    Correct it becomes water soluble. I don’t remember all of the math and complexities. This was 11 years ago.

    The process is a pain in the ass. I remember that much lol
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    Does this sound like a reasonable procedure?
    Do you think I'm missing something?

    1 Crush implants
    2 Pour in water + Sodium hydroxide
    3 Stir for a while and let it sit undisturbed
    4 Draw water at the top, keeping the precipitate at the bottom
    5 Rinse the precipitate with water, while on a filter
    estradiol should be gone in water, so should Sodium hydroxide and some fillers
    6 Allow to dry. Warm a bit if needed
    7 Pour in oil
    8 Stir for a while and let it sit undisturbed
    9 Draw oil at the top (with tren in it) and leave the precipitate with fillers
    10 Add BA, BB, sterile filter and pour in vials
    11 Inject and enjoy.

    I know that was ages ago, but does it sound about right to you?
    Thanks a lot
  13. gear shef

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    It’s more like this:

    -Dissolve implants in 250ml of methyl alcohol (HEET)

    -add sodium hydroxide / water solution

    -let sit for 45min to salt the estrogen

    -SLOWLY add 500ml of very cold water, let sit for 30min

    -filter out crystals that formed and set these aside

    -add another 250ml of cold water to the previously filtered water

    -filter out any new crystals and set aside

    -rinse all crystals with 1 gallon of water

    -allow to dry for 48hrs

    -brew it up

    I don’t recommend this bro
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    I was just remembering and when I did this it was back in 2007 post operation raw deal when almost all gear was bunk if reasonably priced. Or HELLA expensive for even sub par quality

    Again there is no reason to do this today. I’m honestly curious to why are asking...
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  16. master.on

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    Thanks a lot for the info

    As for the reasons why
    I can get lots of cheap Revalor implants
    I love the chemistry challenge.
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