Is it possible to have dead androgen receptors?

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    Is it possible for the androgen receptors to be completely dead and non responsive. If so it would explain why beard stopped devolving at 20 years old and my sex drive died in my late teens and why my gear didn't change me at all.
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    Unfortunately that’s not how it works.
    As stated in other threads 4 weeks is not enough tile to tell. Give it 3 more weeks man keep the dosage the same and I advise to take some ai. I for one am prone to gyno and have some publecent gyno not much. But I’m running 750mgs of test I blast and cruise 175 mg when cruising. And I won’t feel this till about week 5-6 that’s just me. My first cycle didn’t seem to do much but a bit of cutting. How’s your diet and training going?
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    I kind of think there are things you can do to burn your receptors....
    Maybe I made mistakes... I've blasted and cruised. However now at 150mg/week of test e, I barely have any test in my body.
    I recently did a test where I did 150 in 1 shot once a week. Pulled bloods at day 6 and my test was 60. Nothing in me.
    Even when I was at 450ish mg/week, my test levels were only 1600.

    I am starting to think you can burn the receptors...
    Or looking at how you reset them.
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    @Roger rabbit
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    yu need to be seeing a doctor about this. I highy fuckin doubt you have this but its called androgen insensitivity syndrome. one way they test for it is by giving patients testosteronen and after a few weeks if it doesnt shut them down then they have AIS. this literally comes down to chromosomes and you probably would be well aware by the time u were 15 if things werent happening.

    i ran methyltrienolone, methyl 1 testosterone, superdrol Anadrol dbol deca npp tren ace tren e test e test c test prop, winstrol, dmz, max lmg, m1ad, plenty more, to the point where my pumps are nowhere near my first cycle. i still get 900 ng/dl before injection on 60mg of test e twice a week. HOWEVER. if i did burn out my receptors (which scientifically is not true because testosterone and other aas are said to upregulate receptors, -i think there needs to be further studies on this- ) i think testosterone would still get me at the same level of testosterone in the blood on a blood test. the testosterone would just be inactive in the body regardless of having high blood levels.
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    ur gear aint gonna change shit in 4 weeks if ur looking for a beard. if ur sex drive is dead u need to take into consideration do u use recreation drugs, have u ever taken any other prescription medications, are u depressed, do u WATCH PORN seriously. and u need to get a full hormone panel regarding test l evels SHBG estrogen free testosterone, DHT and if u really wanna get deep check androstenedione, dhea sulfate and couple others. u shouldve done this before injecting steroids to see if they work. now u dont even know what ur baseline testosterone levels are.
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  7. Roger rabbit

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    How old r u?

    Is your test prescribed or ugl? If it’s ugl are you sure it’s not bunk?

    How many cycles have you ran?

    Just to give you some insight I am prescribed 300mg test per week, that usually gets me around 800 or so. My body just doesn’t respond well or metabolizes it quickly.

    Do you have bloods before cycle? Or cruising?
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  8. I have read enough of his threads that I can actually answer some of those questions, he’s made a lot of threads lol

    Like 22 years old

    His test is ugl from ppl

    No previous cycle experience, as evidenced by his other thread where he mentioned he knows his gear is bunk because after 4 weeks he neither has bitch tits nor shrunken balls.

    If I remember correctly he had a natty test in the 700s or 800s but thought the lab lied to deny him trt which I said they wouldn’t lie they’d just refuse to treat him like they did me 4 years ago even tho my test was ~160.

    Pretty sure he’s doing this for libido or something, gave him a bet

    Btw I’m not making fun or trolling just relaying what I remember from his various threads.
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  9. Serious questions, how old are you?
  10. EazyE

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    » Steroid Myths Part 1

    This is a good read by Anthony Roberts
  11. Agreed.. had me thinking hmmm
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    Bullettrain lol
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    Taking steroids to grow a beard?? Dude, just stay natural
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  14. Just realized the second to last paragraph got cut off, I meant to say

    “pretty sure he’s doing this for libido or something, gave him a better alternative that he didn’t take which was to take his cialis and have as much sex as possible.”
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    @SamuelJones stop cluttering up the underground with this shit
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    Nope I'm doing it because I just joined the police force and am being beaten to a pulp in the academy!
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    Well that's smart, try to join LE, publicly announce it on a forum, the same forum you admit to buying and using illegal AAS.

    Anyone now would be a fool to do any transaction with you.

    Potentially bunk gear and dead receptors are the least of your problems.
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    No never touched a cigerrate, and don't do any other drugs roids are the first drug I've ever done.

    No I don't watch porn I get depressed if I do because I can't throughly enjoy it. It's been that way for 6 years now. Over half a decade. I tried seeking help the right way. Doctors are just lazy or would rather cover up any issues to avoid work. I can't keep putting myself through the stress an for embarrassment of seeing these docs just to get turned away every time and waste money.

    Furthermore my overall physicality is bad. I'm a borderline wimp. Idk how I can have normal test levels but have the anxiety and physical and sexual prowess of a guy with low t. Idk Perhaps I was just chosen to be a rat in a fucking maze. I'm starting not to give a fuck. Maybe the gear wasn't bunk. Maybe it was all pointless to begin with thinking I could change things for the better. Way too good to be fucking true. Anyway I'm about to withdraw from the police academy and get on with my joke of a life.
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    At this rate I won't fucking make it in. And how many cops use I wonder???
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    @Roger rabbit Is it true can u burn the receptors out!?! If so that would explain why my pubes are falling out of my fucking crotch!
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