Is it safe to use hcg and clomid together during pct?

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  1. clomid is helping me recover, but my testicles are still shriveled and shrunken will hcg help? I heard you are not supposed to use it during pct buy what are your thoughts? Will it help make my testicles fuller again?
  2. Anymore opinions? I need some serious advice.
  3. Dangerous how, like will it seriously injure you, no it won’t. Drs have men take both clomid and hcg for fertility. Can search my thread in this section for several studies/articles where men are givin clomid plus hCG. The reason you may hear people tell you not to mix them is because the hCG may prevent the clomid from exerting 100% effect at the hypothalamus/pituitary, although clomid is still quite effective with hCG so yeah not dangerous to mix them.
  4. My question would be... why?

    hcg suppresses LH.
    You want to increase LH so that you may resume natural production.

    Why not blast HCG for the last week or so of your cycle... and while bridging between last Test pin and start of pct.
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  6. Lol for sure.

    I pump 5000iu at mid cycle and another 5k at the end, just before pct.

    Fertility as you know Jay, whole different story. your log is the best for that.

    But for PCT
    unless the OP wants to extend it.... I wouldnt bother, the nuts will come.back
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  7. I made a mistake I didn't have hcg and hmg on me during my cycle but yeah now its too late. But my nuts are still shrunken and I am not ejaculatint much.

    These are unnecessary and stupid details but I just want to do everything carefully.

    Steroids are a tool to improve performance and I want to use them appropriately.

    Also I just don't like the sensation of shrunken testicles. I heard some don't experience this on cycle but i did. Otherwise everything was great.
  8. How long ago was your last pin?
    What ester were you using?

    Have you started these compounds yet?
  9. I was using boldenone and test until march of this year. Then I did a mild pct but ran out of the drugs. So I couldn't finish pct. But now I have been using nolvadex and clomid for 30 days so far. My nuts are still atrophied but I feel fine. I am waiting on bloodwork but everything is good. I just need to be more careful next time so that I don't get caught doing steroids.
  10. Well, normal procedure is out the window

    You could always, blast hard on hcg for a few weeks, then restart PCT.

    Always a good idea to follow @The Terminator advice
    Knows his shit!
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  11. If your goal is to increase the size of your balls then you could take them together, hcg for leydig/T especially ITT and clomid for the FSH/sertoli cells which makes up about 80-90% of your balls. Then finish with just clomid for a bit to make sure you recover when you terminate the drugs. Or just use the hCG by itself then use clomid and taper off. You’ll likely have to use more than the typical 250iu 2x/wk dose people here use. I noticed a huge difference in size after only a couple shots of 1000iu. My ballz went from ~10ml on trt without hCG to 15/12 and then ~25ml post trt.
  12. That's good to hear. Honestly, I just want to follow all of the protocol. Even though we are "circumventing" the rules by using steroids we still need to cycle properly and do pct properly.

    I messed up by doing the pct wrong.

    I'm glad that I am able to take both of them together. Honestly, I should have been using hcg since the beginning of the cycle that was completely my fault.

    So I do have some hcg and hmg on me, if you could recommend a protocol to me where I use both of them along with clomid that would be great. Thank you.
  13. Typically you wouldn’t take both clomid and hmg as they’re both taken for the FSH and LH if used without hCG. Past a certain point more FSH won’t make a difference. Usually clomid is used first because it’s easier to take and cheaper. If clomid fails to elicit a response then hmg would be used. The studies I have used 3000iu hCG eod and 25mg clomid ed, or 3000iu hCG eod and 75-150iu hmg 3x/wk. 3000iu hCG eod is unnecessarily high, you wouldn’t need that much unless your suppression was severe. Prob could do 500-1000iu 3x/wk and clomid at 25mg ed or even eod. I would save hmg for if clomid fails.

    This is all for fertility of course, but it would help with reversing atrophy. Tbh hCG by itself should be enough to restore size, clomid would just be an extra thing that would add FSH stimulation to the mix since hCG really only acts in place of LH, it’s FSH like activity is very minimal if it’s urinary hCG and idk if recombinant hCG has that small FSH activity.

    Just make sure to end your pct with just clomid so you recover. Also it might take you longer to get size back than it did for me. I used hCG the last 8 months I was on Trt and then increased the dose after trt.
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    I dont get the low volume of ejaculate. I mean, I'm completely suppressed at this point, but I still blow massive loads.

    They're just not thick / cloudy.

    Shutdown shouldn't lessen the prostates production of seminal fluid. Just sperm...

  15. Prostate contributes maybe 30% of seman volume, the majority comes from the seminal vesicles, still outside the balls. Prostate contributes the milky color. When I did steroids I eventually had different seman, not really less on the 1st but on the 2nd or 3rd nut. It was also super thick like paste, and barely came out. Maybe the lack of other hormones from trt is the cause. After trt it’s more normal and comes out with more pressure.

    Anyway this guys more worried about the volume of his ballz than the volume of his jizz.
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    I kept blowing regular loads until about six months. When I finally shut down, it just got clear and less sticky.

    Like it gets after maybe 10-15 minutes, watery I guess.

  17. Well for several months my loads were unchanged, then I start noticing it was weak and thick, like you’d have to actually milk it out, got even worse with tren. Hard to explain but it kinda felt like I had nothing coming out, then 2nd load was a drop, 3rd like 1/2 a drop. Natty im able to drop multiple loads before I get down to a drop. I’ve always had a lot of precum that will come out with my loads but it was always pearly white, just thick as tho there was no water even tho I drank plenty. I’d say that you’re watery clear jizz is just from suppression.
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    I did what I did because I was stuck at a level of ~400 with little balls and all the symptoms of low test. Nothing to do with fertility.

    And it worked.
  19. @Jay Monks what was your protocol that worked? Did it include hcg?
  20. I have the same symptoms of little balls but I think my t is fine