Is My Clen legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by crusingdownthestreet, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. crusingdownthestreet

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    Hi guys, first time posting here. I've got a question that i'm hoping somebody could shed a little light on. I got some Balkan Pharmaceuticals 40ug clenbuterol tablets today.

    I got a clenbuterol testing kit off ebay, and according to what the test is saying; it's fake.

    However, my clen comes in the official Balkan Pharmaceuticals box with the holographic sticker and everything. I've put in the serial code from the back of the blister pack and the official Balkan Pharmaceuticals site is telling me that it's legit and the code had been checked 0 times before.

    What do I trust here, is the testing kit most likely fake? As the serial code, box and holographic sticker all checks out. The only thing that is making me doubt it is that the test came back negative.

    Have I got real stuff?
  2. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    How do you feel when you take it
  3. bob357sig

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    Guess you are going to have to trust your source. If its a well respected source here on miso I would think you are good but if your not confident in your source then don’t know what to tell you.
  4. crusingdownthestreet

    crusingdownthestreet Junior Member

    Not sure yet, only taken half a pill (20ug), didn't notice anything I don't think. Going to try the whole pill tomorrow.

    They should be legit though, if the serial code on the blister pack is confirmed genuine by their online UPIC screener right?
  5. Iron Frenchie

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    Im wondering if the test is legit. It’s from eBay. A lot of things on eBay are bogus. Its also testing a pill with 40mcg which is like 0.01% of the pill.
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  6. crusingdownthestreet

    crusingdownthestreet Junior Member

    True that, I put half the pill in though and allowed it to fully dissolve.
    Most likely im guessing the testing kit is fake.
  7. bob357sig

    bob357sig Member

    I remember about a year ago a lot of guys were saying mk677 was bullshit and worthless, but the one thing I noticed was most of the guys complaining said they got the mk off of ebay. Their was all kinds of powders being sold on ebay, I bet most of it was probably just creatinine. lol.
  8. crusingdownthestreet

    crusingdownthestreet Junior Member

    The testing kit is off ebay, but the clen isnt.
    Clen came from a legit source.