Is NPP really safe? 11x more damaging to blood vessels than test

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Stanfoo, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Wel, I hope that's not the case, I've used a lot of both nandrolones. Then again, I just had a carotid artery screening and came up clean.
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    I would say Primobolan is one of the safer AAS in terms of side effects but it is mild AAS. Since I plan on being in the game for long time with gradual improvements not immediate gratifications so I am happy with Primo... I am also wanting to keep negative impact on the grey matter as low as possible
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    Majority of the studies mentioned involved high doses on rats and hamsters not humans. Aggression was increased in rats with previous "fight training" but not noticeable in rats with no previous aggression.(how the fuck do you train rats to fighto_O). It also mentions anxiety on nd but my personal experience and others that I know with deca is completely opposite of anxiety.
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    Personally, when I am running ND more than 250mg/wk, i can easily sense the impact on central nervous system. I am become aggressive, threshold of annoyance decreases and not as patient as when not on ND. But I would still include low dose ND in my next cycle for joint pain masking/relief.
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    Npp definitely has given me anxiety before. It seemed to level off after the initial couple weeks but the way it coincided with the start of npp use was more than coincidence Imo.

    I can't help but feel just using testosterone in as conservative doses as possible, along with as little ancillary drugs as possible, is the safest way to "enhance" .

    I'm no doctor or genius , so maybe I'm wrong, but that's where I feel myself leaning
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    Interesting. I've yet to do npp but I've ran deca a few times now and I get more of a detached kind of feeling after a few weeks. Shit that would normally bother me doesn't.
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    Funny, Im running deca right now and Ive noticed a decrease in my level of anxiety. tren on the other hand increases my anxiety
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    All AAS are bad for you when taken at the levels we all use. Although, I will vote for tren being the one that is the worst across the board.

    NPP has never bothered me but I don't run massive doses of it either.
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    Deca and NPP have given me serious anxiety and I’ve never had anxiety in my life!
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    What doses of nandrolone do y'all like to run? I've been running 450 npp but probably gonna kick it up to 600.
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    If I run deca or npp I feel great for about four weeks and then BOOM I get splitting migraines when my BP rises and eventually my neck seizes and I can't get out of bed. Half a dozen times I tried both and I have this outcome every single time... that shit is poison to me. I use hgh for joint relief because it doesn't cripple me and it isn't masking- it is actually making new cells! Yay!
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    600 usually but im thinking of increasing to 900. i run deca so it has less active hormone mg per mg than NPP
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    I've only run NPP at 400mg a week but it was fantastic. Great sense of wellbeing. Will definitely do again for this winter bulk.
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    Wife says deca turns me into an asshole, so much for "milder" rt?
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    Same here but I can tell myself that I am turning into unsympathetic asshole when on any descent amount of Deca/NPP
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    Given that there only nandrolone deca vs npp they're equally as damaging

    Guys lets be real. No matter what your fucking blood work says. We're taking $$$$DRUGS$$$$ There may be shit happening to us we CANT see on bloodwork.

    The answer to your question is yes. Taking steroids is bad. Not healthy. Neither is any of the other shit we do to be as big and as lean as we are( by we I mean bodybuilders and people that normal people look at and say what the fuck)

    That being said , you won't die (quickly) like heroin can do you.
    But these are still drugs that goes for nandrolone test eq primo (EVER NOTICE HOW PEOPLE SAY "one of the mild**ER** steroids) yeah not sweet sauce MILD salsa that still has some heat ;)

    Be as safe as you can boyos !!! :)
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