Is Shanghai Taigui Pharmaceutical Technology Co Legit ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Peter111, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    Is Shanghai Taigui Pharmaceutical Technology Co from legit of raw steroids ?
    I am thinking on order from their.
  2. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    All the china sources like that look so good. The only way to find out is to place an order and have it tested. What are you thinking of ordering?
  3. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    test p and eq small order.
    Can you advice me a source ?
  4. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    Is that the little place next to the Target guys are talking about? I think someone left a flyer on my windshield. I don't like advertising like that. I used to scatter napkins with the name of my eatery printed on them years ago on my walk back to my car when leaving for home. Called it free advertising but could have been simply getting off on criminal behavior or a bit of narcissistic behavior as I would engage in this madness while undressing and revealing my impressive physique by way of a slow strip tease i had shown to me by a friends sister.
  5. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    Great story.
  6. clamz

    clamz Member

    I hhave known guys to try these places, technology this and neutraceutical that. at one time they may have been good but all garbage the last yr or so. I've seen test e at 30% purity that my friend got from one of these places, it had the word flying in the name I don't remember the rest of it though. I've tried 4 of them, all on the mafe in china site just like this one. and 3 out of 4 came from the wuhan province, definetly same origin source just different middlemen pretending to be manufacturers. one of theese middlemen was a bit more honest than the rest and told me that there were 2-4 black market accessible manufacturers at anny given time for the whole country and hundreds of middlemen pretending tto be factories. That was whenn power steroids first came around so i sent him a link to the site, he lol'd and said " we can really get away with telling americans anything". hee said hee was sure anton was a middleman and at those prices probably buying bulk from whichever factory is willing to go lowest at that time, probably going as far as buying defect batches.

    sdo that's all of my insight into the raw powder business. I've been working on trying india, they have a site similar to made in china. I've tried 3 iindian test p batches, one excellent, one garbage and one middleman who just paid a chinaman to send it from hk. they seem equally unscrupulous so far.
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  7. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    Very people says india source is better, where did you order from india?
  8. clamz

    clamz Member

    You have to go to indiamart (just google it) and try different ones.i'll write them from best to worst, but none were what I was looking for.

    1. Florica chemicals limited
    2. casusteroids plc
    3. Naveed healthcare

    None were perfect and the last one just sent money to china and had it shipped from there, I could have done that and big surprise it came from the wuhan province which is exactly what I was trying to get away from. I"ma keep trying, if you decide to try india make a thread and post the results of your transaction, I will do the same. Maybe we can finally start getting away from china with this thing because I hate dealing with that country, their shipping and their lying middlemen
  9. redrum720

    redrum720 Member Supporter

    Go to any 7/11/and ask anyone for India's blackmarket (steroids) hahaha lol
  10. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    The Florica Chemicals Limited, dont have oficial website. Did you already deal with them ?
    Didnt found the oficial website of casusteroids plc.
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  11. redrum720

    redrum720 Member Supporter

    Just go to indiamart they have a ton of India supplier
  12. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    Do you order from sources with no oficial website?
    These sources seems no legit
  13. TokSik

    TokSik Junior Member

    I wouldn't take any notice of "official" websites , as they are easy for a scammer to knock up to look like any official site
  14. curgen

    curgen Member

    This thread is a month old now, TokSik. But thanks for your input
  15. Peter111

    Peter111 Junior Member

    Thanks, the source is legit. Toksik, if you see on this way, will not exist a legit source in the world.
  16. hrithik

    hrithik Junior Member

    Hi guys, I'm from India. I was about to order my raw powders from China until I found this thread. Can anyone suggest me any legit suppliers here in India from your experience?
  17. iintensity

    iintensity Member

    I thought steroids were OTC in india?
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  18. lambis

    lambis Junior Member

    I just order from them they hook me up with nice talk and how safe and fast delivery is and bottom line package never came,got detained on customs. I blame him because he lie about safety and did poor job. He also write metil celulose and dont even tell me.
  19. tanuki

    tanuki Member

    I had good stuff come out of Shanghai and Pudong district. Dig deeper the alibaba sources never went away.

    India's a turd world nation on par with China.

    Damn this is an old thread
  20. lambis

    lambis Junior Member

    Did you order from Shanghai Taigui Pharmaceutical Technology Co specifically or some other from Shanghai,because this one didn't do their job in my case ?
    On web site 100% safe fast delivery in my case 0% delivery!