Is steroid taking legal in Thailand?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by x11, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. x11

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    Watched YT clip on US BB guy in Thailand (not sure but if iirc was Thailand), lecturing on the pros & cons of tren and every other gear.

    Main reason I never did a cycle is;

    1. Fear of needles
    2. Its illegal.

    Done some research, Thailand is very inexpensive holiday, great food, great martial arts culture, etc.

    This guy was acting like it was legal so my question is: is it?
  2. Roger rabbit

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    Everything is legal in Thailand just make sure before you bring a girl home you double check the landing strip.......
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  3. master.on

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    AFAIK gear ain't specifically illegal i.e. a controlled substance

    Just in case, a $25 prescription (from a real doctor) would help
    afaik they don't verify, keep records or retain prescriptions but it would be wise to check it out for yourself.
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  4. x11

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    This where I got the idea. Dude should start a gear BB medically supervised tour guide biz, cheaper, safer, less complicated than self educating on the internet sourcing god knows what from god knows who etc.

  5. grey

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    So.. there are already folks who do this for professionals and would-be pros... T-Nation has run several articles authored by guys who do this primarily from Mexico if memory serves. They also help these folks beat the testing protocols.

    The larger market likely wouldn't work since people would expect results but wouldn't understand that any results would be from the training and programming for 99% of the populace (see the billion threads here about guys expecting to turn huge from simply starting AAS use).
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  6. Savagesteve

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    Gear is only legal in Thailand if a lady boy pins you.
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  7. johnathen

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    Thailand and gear...
    spent 4 years in SEA (south east asia)
    my reason was for work related etc, my first experience with drugs or sterioids was with valume as was not sleeping well do to first time in a new country all the sounds etc. I walked into a pharmacy told them I wanted valume they asked how many I said just a few, she opened a drawer cut some off a fool paper from a box and have me, I paid a left... no questions..
    About 1 year later (2008) I started my first cycle and simple walked into the pharmacy (nana plaza area) asked for ddbol, wintrol, gh, clenbutrol, and Novoldex.
    the lady said how much of each and I answered, she asked me to sit for a momment while she preared my order and after about 20mins all done paid and I left.
    My last time in the gear in Chang Mai, 2015 same thing, simply walked in and they told me they didn't have what I wanted but could order and to come back the following week or try another pharmacy, which I did bought and left no problems.
    There's now even people in gyms , bars etc that will run and get whatever you want for a small or inflated few.

    SEA - Vietnam easy, Cambodia easy, Loas easy , Thailand easy, not sure on Burma , Singpore forms, Maylasia forms and India just walk into any pharma basically

    that's my 2 cents and I've been all through the above countries and know first hand of course with time thing may vary however if all else fails to go a local bar sit have a pint and you'll soon find out.