Is the deep web the only reliable source anymore? All clear net sources=UNDERDOSED!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Connor 25257, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Connor 25257

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    I’ve spent almost 2 weeks now looking for a reliable source through the clear net. I’ve read through many forums including this one as well as reddit, Quora and some others. It’s become apparent to me that trying to buy any kind of steroid through the clear net is a waste of time. Sadly, you can’t trust source boards as they all have a handful of members who receive benefits from the so called sources. I’ve come to the conclusion that when ordering from the clear net, you’re either going to end up with
    A. Fake shit
    B. Severely underdosed crap
    it’s sad that obtaining true steroids has become just as difficult as trying to obtain heavy drugs such as cocaine and meth. I guess the best bet is to buy discreetly from the dark net.
  2. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    Also, I’m not saying everyone on reddit, Quora and other open forums is undoubtedly right; it just seems highly likely that with the reoccurring theme, 98% of every clear net source is underdosed garbage. Especially ones that you can find so easily
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    IMO there’s more real shit then fake shit. It’s 2020 the guys selling fakes don’t last. Can you post some results of all this fake shit?
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  4. Eman

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  5. LeoTC

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    A whole two weeks?

    I could have pointed you to a handful of solid sources right here in five minutes.


    I wouldn't, because fuck you, but I could.
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    You sound like a fucking broken record, man. Just get the fuck out already and go get your super juice from the dark web. Why you have stuck around this long is really beyond've been here long enough to figure out some good options yet you continue to say retarded shit and apparently have learned nothing. You have meso confused with a paid source board, for starters. Have you happened to notice how, no matter how fucking stupid of a comment you make around here, it doesn't get deleted? Why do you think that is? Do you think that's how it works on a paid source board, genius? Go over to one of the actual paid source boards and see how long they let you run your cocksucker before they hit you with a ban hammer. Meso is different but you're too fucking stupid to see the difference.
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  7. This kid is fucking retarded. Not even in an insulting way either. In a legit, window licking, snot eating, full on short bus kinda way.
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    One of the great downsides of a free market is that it makes technology—such as the internet and a small, fast computer in your pocket—accessible to dumb people like this dipshit. Which means he can post his dipshit thoughts at no cost to him.
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    Dude do the classic one of buying to the biggest guy of your gym and shut up.
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  10. This turned out exactly as expected lol.

    Wtf is this dude talking about?
    I could point out probably 7 solid labs (Canadian) that have qaulity and correctly dosed gear.

    Heres a hint...
    Not a single one of them have a website
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  11. $BlackBeard

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    @Connor 25257 Ok, just give up and move on. It doesn’t sound like this is something you’re cut out for.

    Of course, you could always make your own products and test them since no one meets your standards.
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    Reddit and quora? Whatd you ask "are all steroids on the clear net fake?" Smh
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  13. Noah86

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    First, your 23 and clearly inexperienced. You were first called out using a Gmail account to ask a Source a question. Then you freak out about how all the sources won’t be around for awhile because it’s “inevitable with all the China raw crap”
    You then jump on Hilma Gear to only say it’s under dose based on your feelz report instead of showing blood tests. Actually your exact words were:

    “Why provide bloods when I don’t need them to prove the lack of gains; or better yet, the no gains at all?” - Connor the Retard

    And most recently you went out and bought 100g of Test C Raws and stated you have never homebrewed and pretty much have no real clue on what to do with it.
    Hopefully your Raws came from China like you so many times have trash talked. And with enough luck if you don’t end up under dosing your own shit for lack of knowledge, you hopefully end up with a infection from your own poorly made Gear.
    Just wanted to take the time to write everything I stated above to make members aware how much of a waste you are starting unsubstantiated threads with nothing to back it up.
    @MisterSuperGod summed it pretty good in his reference to you.
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  14. Connor is now Meso famous for being too thick headed to understand that his 2900 calorie diet isn't sufficient for gaining weight, regardless of how much gear he uses.

    But, it gets better. He never bothered to edit his profile picture. If you view the non-resized version, you'll see what it looks like if The Miz (WWE superstar) and a prostitute had a child together and the mother used copious amounts of drugs during pregnancy.

    This fucking dufus kid really is the gift that keeps on giving.
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  15. $BlackBeard

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    There is a source here in the UG that pushes Lambo gear. From what I hear, it’s the best. I’ve never run it though. Give it a try and report back.
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  16. johntt44

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    I'm going to go ahead and say what everybody else is thinking. You're a fucking idiot. 2wks? That long? You know this shit isnt that expensive right? I'm not say there isnt faked or underdosed gear but it's the exception and not the rule.
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  17. johntt44

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    Reddit is for people who want to fuck their own mom and Quora is for fat soccer moms.
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    Disregarded the rest. :p
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  19. KL8209

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    GL buying off the dark web

    Hopefully you don't die injecting something totally fucked

    The good thing about this community is the vast majority of scumbags are weeded out rather quickly and I wouldn't even begin to trust Quora or Reddit about any of this
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  20. Uglyrichie

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    Wait just as hard to get as hard drugs such as coke and meth were the fuck do you live you can have 2 grams of anything in the county I live in can't throw a rock without hitting someone with a connect or dealing WTF. Shit it's harder to get juice people don't care about themselves anymore. Sorry forgot to add ducking millennials
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