Is the deep web the only reliable source anymore? All clear net sources=UNDERDOSED!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Connor 25257, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Noah86

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    That bad thing he already did. In another thread he posted he purchased 100g of Test C and pretty much asking questions to the degree inferring he really has no idea what to properly do with it. The kid is a lost cause
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    His first step to SUPAH AW3S0ME GAINZ!!!!11! is to send all that to me and I'll take care of it for him.
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    #1 the UGLs here are trying to make some dough, so in all reality MESO will absolutely rip them apart if they are underdosed or fake. So if you find a source that has a good reputation and has been around for a bit, most likely they arnt “fake”. I’d be more sketched to buy shot off the dark web cause you truly have no idea what your getting. Remember those guys on the dark web for one run the website themselves, so you can’t trust reviews on it.
  4. Chmewy

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    How do you explain the people that buy the gear and test it themselves? Didn’t think that one through did ya
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    You dimwit. How do you think the majority of the testing on this site goes? Gear is bought by random members, the member sends in sample for testing and then receives credit for sending the gear off. The more trusted the member, the more clout the test results carry. Just check out the testing section
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    ^i think by “random” members you are referring to the same 5-6 people that always “test the gear” and claim its g2g. Hate to throw anyone under the bus, but take Den84 for example. He claims Hilma is a great product, yet thousands of people will tell you otherwise. He’s a Hilma sponsor whom also lives in the EU! Of course he will say Hilma is legit.
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    If you're going to call out a member. Have the decency to call him out with the @ symbol so if they choose they can defend themselves against this Tom fuckery. Like this @Den84

    Also you are eating 2900 cal day.... What the fuck did you expect?
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    Could you just quit running your cocksucker already? You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. You haven't tested a fucking thing, and your diet is less than most eat for maintenance. You shouldn't even be using steroids, dipshit.
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    Again, anyone can eat 3,200 cals+ and get strong, but they will also get fat as shit. Even someone as a natural can do that. Have fun eating like a slob, gaining tons of fat and thinking that “gear is fire, bro”
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    So 300 cal above maintenance while on cycle will get you fat? Lol get fucked.
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    You litetally have no idea how anything works. How do you even find your way out of your house in the morning?
  12. Connor 25257

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    At this point, I’m even willing to bet that some of you clowns believe that “big mike” and the research station sell “legit” gear. I’m willing to bet my entire life that 8/10 of you fools are getting your ass burnt, thinking you’re getting real gear from the freaking open web. I know it’s hard to believe, I was in denial once as well. Have fun eating your 4,000 calories, looking like the pillsburghy dough boy, and believing that what you’re actually getting is real. Because I can assure you that you’re shooting straight fucking Grape seed oil. To add on, for those that believe Anabolic lab tests prove anything, you’re fucking stupid; because as I said earlier, they will always receive the top batch. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. The clear web is the best place to get burnt, lied to and not get what you paid for. I feel sorry for any of you fools whom believe you’re getting what you are paying for. Fucking creatinine will give you more gains than this fake crap
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    @Den84 lives in EU, it’s like questioning why he didn’t order instead from the states which is international for him instead of domestic.
    How many samples have you in your years of experience sent out for sampling?

    And like I said in post 13 of this thread, you claimed Hilma Gear was garbage and when people asked you if you got bloods you stated this:

    “Why provide bloods when I don’t need them to prove the lack of gains; or better yet, the no gains at all?” - Connor the Retard

    You have any clue what your avg test level multiplier is?

    And last question, your 100g Test C raws you purchased, your going to send in for testing too? Or just mix it with water, drink it and hope for the best?
    How could someone be so inept?
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    @MisterSuperGod called it. This motherfucker definitely wears a helmet.

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    4000 calories makes you the Pillsbury Doughboy? Clearly you know jack shit about nutrition as well. You have to be the absolute biggest moron I have ever seen on this forum. And I've seen quite a few. You literally cant be as much of an idiot as you seem o_O
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    He has to be nothing more than a troll. This kind of stupidity has to be deliberate.
  17. If I eat under 3200 cals at this point I’m losing weight. 3-4 weeks deep on only test. You’re a clown stop arguing. I started at 3000 WAAAY under estimated what I needed and kicked it up 500 cals and look and feel a lot better and even went to 3800 and started growing even faster.

    Quit making excuses for your shit gains and actually attempt to make changes offered to you. It’s literally FREE to do so. Now stop shit posting.
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    @Connor 25257 Did you ever spend the 20$ measly bucks and go get that blood test you said you were gonna do? To support any of your claims of shit not working. Nope ya didn't.

    By the way i live in So Cal, 1 hour north of San Diego. Are you close by?? Hopefully we can meet one day, i'd really love to curb ya. You know what that is?? I will have you bite the curb and then stomp on the back of your head knocking all your teeth out.

    Probably should break all your fingers too since they not used for anything constructive. Except spouting off useless baseless bullshit

    I am curious if everything you have run is shit, why buy raws? Where do you think the dealers get their shit from?

    Have you ever done blood work, i am guessing no. How would you have any idea if stuff is dosed relatively correctly? Oh ya by the feels you get.

    Once again, have you ever seen a pro bodybuilder in the off season? I am guessing no. They don't look pretty. And yes they are using gear ya idiot.

    Why in the fuck are you even here???
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    We are all anxiously waiting for you to justify this statement. And have proof to support it. Oh wait my bad... duh... ya fucking can't

    You can't back up anything you fucking say. Fuck man just post a picture of the gear ya have with a paper saying date and meso on it. I bet ya can't cause you probably never even ordered a damn thing.

    I pray to my God every day you inject aids and die a slow painful death. Hopefully you do order gear, and the vendor realizes it's you, and send ya a bottle with copious amounts of insulin in it.

    Have fun......
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