Is there a harm in trying ARIMIDEX?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by joeja, May 27, 2009.

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    I'm starting to think that my sexual problems low libido, difficulty getting erections, difficulty maintaining erections, soft erections, NO morning erections is due to high E2. I don't have other symptoms, though, like gyno or hyper-emotionalism.

    On my blood test my E2 was 39, and on saliva it was 10, which is three times the normal limit for me. I am taking Armour for hypothyroid and hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue, but after 2 months neither has helped me out in the sexual department.

    I am thinking of trying a low dose or arimidex. Is there a long-term health risk in trying this for a couple weeks to see what it does for me? What dose should I start with?

    Many thanks-
  2. I would like to see where your complete hormone profile looks like. if your T is low and e2/T ratio is out of wack it may be a viable solution. Before adex I start 500 mgs trans reservatrol 100% with calcium D glucurate 1000 mgs. then retest in 6 weeks to see where you are at. Where are your levels now thyroid and adrenals ?
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    Why do you start 500 mgs trans reservatrol 100% with calcium D glucurate 1000 mgs before adex?

    Lab work showed good total T (600-700, tested 3 times), low free T (85.9 ng/dL, 13.9%), high/normal E2 (39) and SHBG (35, 60), high RT3 (235) and Free t3 (3.33), low Free T4 (0.6). Saliva cortisol was at the bottom end of the reference range throughout the day.

    Am I risking any long-term problems if I give adex a try? How long should I try it for?
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    I don't think there are any long-term problems. A lot of guys are on it and have been on it for a long time and need it as part of trt probably for the rest of there lives or until something better comes out.

    I'm on it myself but I'm also on trt. I take 1.5mg of arimidex per week and my e2 level the last time I checked was 32. I'm going to start to take .25mg everyday which would be 1.75mg per week. I'm trying to get it down a bit more maybe to around 20. I have ED problems but I'm doing a lot better now then before I was on any adex.

    My opinion is go ahead and start on a conservative dose of maybe .25mg every other day. Give it a month or 2 and see how you feel, retest your labs, and go from there. It also should(it did mine) bring your free testosterone up a bit since less will convert to estradiol.

    Let us know if you try it and how it works.
  5. Why take cortef when some one gets good results with adrenal extracts?
    Why take a drug when its not the source of the problem.
    i said give natural suggestions 6-8 weeks to work then go from their ..Take a pill is a bandaid method.
    SAme thing Dr's do for high cholesterol give a pill instead of focusing on diet and some natural supplements that really do work..
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    I'm taking 1 mg three times a week. I was taking 1 mg a day. I think it's great stuff and have had no negative side effects whatsoever.

    I was having terrible hot flashes and flushing in the evening and also low libido. Two days after starting arimidex the hot flashes were completely gone and I was waking up with morning wood.

    The morning wood has dissappeared but the flushing is still gone. I'm using the recommendation of PMGAMER and will keep cutting down the Arimidex until the morning wood comes back. I think I'll ultimately end up around 1 mg twice a week.

    Also my muscular definition and vascularity have improved. And I don't have to worry about bitch tits.

    It's a fantastic drug imo.
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    Have you really seen estrogen reduction with this combo?
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    Very well said
  9. I have been taking this combination with adex and my e2 dumped to <2 from 14 on ultrasensitive test.
    I am also doing metrhy b-12 / leucovarin shots as well. So getting methylayion going can also lower e2 IMO..
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    Problems could also be mental (i.e.stress). How is your bodyfat? especially in the abdominal region? Your E2 is a little high, but can most likely be lowered with diet/exercise or some natural remedies like HAN was talking about above. If you decide to experiment, at least do so under a doctors care and with blood tests. Studies haven't found any long-term health risks yet (although risks go up with larger doses - more then a mg/day). If it was me I would probably start with 1/4mg EOD for the first 2 weeks and then to 1/4mg E3D till tested. A little goes a long way.
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    Thanks for your thoughts.

    The puzzling thing is that my body-fat is very good, and I am in great shape. I'm 6'4" 185 lbs. I eat a pretty balanced diet, although admittedly it could be better. I don't know why I would have high-ish estrogen.

    I am going to try and get my doc to prescribe for me, and see what he thinks.
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    Are you on TRT? What is your SHBG? What dose of T are you taking if on TRT? What frequency?

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    No, I am not on TRT, but I am on Armour (2 grains) and HC (15mg).

    Lab work showed good total T (600-700, tested 3 times), low free T (85.9 ng/dL, 13.9%), high/normal E2 (39) and SHBG (35 earlier this year, 60 last year), high RT3 (235) and Free t3 (3.33), low Free T4 (0.6). Saliva cortisol was at the bottom end of the reference range throughout the day.

  14. armour is pushing up your shbgf and causing it to bound up your free T you need more like 800-900 to feel some what healthy.
    Test serum cortisol 1 hour after AM dose of cortef to see if you are enough.
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    joeja, diagnos-techs by chance?

    i've noticed too many people get multiple times normal levels with their saliva kit, as well as I. My E2 was 11 (n.1-3) that time.

    So, it seemed suspicious to me and next time I did 3 tests simultaneously on the same day - 2 saliva and blood for E2. My E2 with d-t came 26 (normal range 1-3)! But other saliva and blood were within range. I wonder what does it mean. I think i'll probably make a separate post and upload results. Do they measure different things? :confused:
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    Yup, Diagnos-techs.

    One thing I read is that estrogen saliva levels can be significantly impacted (upward) by having sex within a day or two of taking the sample. Which I think is probably what happened to me, as I was sexually active at the time.
  17. EasyRider

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    oh man. the thing is i got 3 simultaneous test results - from 2 saliva kits(zrt & diagnos-techs) and blood test from my GP on the same day (bcbio lab - i'm in Canada).

    As for saliva tests - i was spitting in turn into tubes, so the sampes were pretty identical. Blood was taken about 30 minutes later.

    What i got was (E2):

    d-t: 26pg/ml (n. 1-3pg/ml) >x8 times normal!
    zrt: 1.4pg/ml (n. 0.5-2.2pg/ml)
    blood: 163pmol/L (<206) ( = 44.4pg/ml)

    the reason i wanted to do simultaneous testing is that i had 11pg/ml E2 with d-t saliva earlier, which seemed suspicious as i also saw many people were getting E2 about 3 times a norm with their kit.

    that's confusing, i can't get what's the use of these results then. i should probably ask the labs to comment on this. these 3+ times norm results seem unrealistic to me, but who knows. I'll make a separate post on these saliva tests tomorrow.

    i go with blood tests only since then, but i do HAVE similar tests with you - T 734ng/dl, E2 44.4, SHBG 24 with the same symptoms (low libido, ed, rare morning wood etc). So i wonder what it is.
  18. joeja

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    Yea, we do have similar symptoms, and lab results.

    Have you tried any meds? Has anything worked for you? I am still searching for answers myself. It's been a long, expensive road, that's for sure.

    - Joe
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    Yes, I tried arimidex 0,25mg eod for 6 months. I didn't have noticeable improvements in libido, maybe better wood and more energy. The point is it didn't reach the goal.

    I tried core level adrenal for adrenals and raw thyroid for thyroid support, though my cortisol and t3/t4 are normal. It gave some energy, but generally haven't resolved libido and low energy issues.

    But I believe the key is in T/E2 imbalance as I do actually have more issues: sore nipples sometimes, especially after prolonged physical activity like cycling, also dry and thin skin and feeling annoyingly tired like I can never fully rest after sleep and feel refreshed. Also I don't have sexual fantasies and wet dreams no more. I come out healthy on all lab tests, but I just don't feel right.

    I also noticed when I take 100mg zinc a day I have more energy and concentration.

    I'm going to try nolvadex with support for adrenals and thyroid for a short period of time to pinpoint the problem. I believe it's more consistent in action on standard dosing and I should notice changes almost instantly if E2 is the issue. If I'll feel better, I'll have to look for the correct dose of arimidex.

    I wonder what share of psychological issues in all these problems now.
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    Have you tried Macuna Pruriens? It contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is key in the problems we are dealing with.

    I've been taking it for the past few days, and can honestly say that I have seen a noticeable improvement in getting erections easier, easier time keeping them, etc. It just generally feels like more blood is getting down there.

    You might want to give it a shot if you haven't already.