Is there a harm in trying ARIMIDEX?


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Why take cortef when some one gets good results with adrenal extracts?
Why take a drug when its not the source of the problem.
i said give natural suggestions 6-8 weeks to work then go from their ..Take a pill is a bandaid method.
SAme thing Dr's do for high cholesterol give a pill instead of focusing on diet and some natural supplements that really do work..

Which of the adrenal extracts actually work, I have tried a few with no success??

First identify if you ahve adrenal issue through saliva
I muscle test people on adrenal rebuilder, with adrenal helpr formula from dr wilsons.
If these protocols do not work then it is on to cortef after 8 week trial natural.

"Up your sats fats and also your whole organic eggs 2-3 raw eggs a day to help give the building blocks for the hormones.
If your cholesterol is low then supplement with cholesterol pills.
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Have you tried Macuna Pruriens? It contains L-Dopa, the precursor to dopamine, which is key in the problems we are dealing with.

I've been taking it for the past few days, and can honestly say that I have seen a noticeable improvement in getting erections easier, easier time keeping them, etc. It just generally feels like more blood is getting down there.

You might want to give it a shot if you haven't already.

Actually I tried dostinex which rises dopamine and lowers prolactin. Yes, it works, but seems like a good sex drug for me. I felt quite strange like being able to have strongest erections and desire, but feeling run down and fatigued at the same time (with dostinex I wanted to gamble all the time driving by casino). Its action similar to wellbutrin somewhat as wellbutrin blocks dopamine uptake so increases its concentration, but it's weaker of course. Well, I think it doesn't address the problem for me.

I wonder have you tried DIM? Sounds logical before trying arimidex.