Is there any substance similar to clomid?

Discussion in 'Steroid Post Cycle Therapy and ASIH Treatment' started by gacela, May 21, 2020.

  1. gacela

    gacela Junior Member

    I am looking for a substance with the same effects as clomid, but that is not prohibited by WADA, or that its detection time is shorter.

    I'm also looking for advice on legal supplements that increase endogenous testosterone production and facilitate recovery after a cycle.
  2. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

    FR0Z3N_B0MB34 Member

    I think that legal supplements only increase the manufacturer’s wallet money amount
  3. gacela

    gacela Junior Member

    yeah, i think so :D
  4. kosp

    kosp Member

    hcg&tamoxifen&clomiphene for AAS recovering.

    For natural test, take the sun in your genitals daily for 30mins.