Is there anything that gives localized fat loss?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by master.on, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. master.on

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    If so, would you mind sharing some recipes?
  2. Liposuction.
  3. eje1990

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    Romaine lettuce
    Sunflower seeds
    Light balsamic vinaigrette
    Shredded carrots
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  4. Iron Vett

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  5. eje1990

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    Haha lmao. I didn't even notice. @Roger rabbit was talking about test decorate earlier. The festive testosterone.
  6. Roger rabbit

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    It’s a seasonal type of test. Dont knock till you try
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  7. tengtren

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    Yes test decorate will

    I heard Matt porter once spot injected that blend I think it's called Helios? In his lower back and glute ham tie ins I think too last week out
  8. Rockclimber

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    Some people claim that growth hormone causes localized fat loss but I haven't seen any evidence of this. Other bro stories are Anavar and injectable Winstrol.
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  9. Iron Vett

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    I’ve enver believed in localized spot fat loss. Just do what you have to do to spare the muscle tissue then diet and exercise the fat off
  10. NorthMich

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    I didn’t think localized fat loss was possible given that energy production (fat burning) is systemic, not local
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  12. Holidaypay

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    I don't think anything honestly does every year I hear about some new magic pill or drink etc but within a couple months everyone proves there lying an its on to the next magic pill
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    BIGSWEEZ Member

    Yep...also heard helios would spot reduce.
    Thought it was made with yohimbe??
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