Is this a stupid approach to a 6 weeker

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. youngBuilder

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    Not exactly planning it but I was just wondering if this was a reasonable approach:

    Week 1-3 Test E, Once/week
    Week 4-6 Test Prop, EOD
    Week 7+ pct

    I understand test levels won't be as steady, but I'm just looking for ease of use and starting PCT shortly after the 6 weeks is over.
  2. Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig Member

    That's an awful cycle.

    Just do test prop EOD for 6-8 weeks, maybe throw in an oral if you feel so inclined.
  3. skywalk

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    I'd do test E for at least a month with a front load, then prop for 2 weeks. Then wait 1 more week and start pct. you need to specify dosages.
  4. jets

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    Ease of use and start pct soon then you answered your own question. Run Test Prop for 6-8 weeks and start pct a few days after your last pin. If you want run Var or Dbol for a kickstart. Prop is an amazing form of test imo.
  5. youngBuilder

    youngBuilder Member

    Yea I guess I already knew my own answer, lol. I was just being lazy. Better to keep it simple with just one or the other...
  6. just do test p and why not an oral too ....if your new to all this just do test/dbl if looking for mass or test/winstrol if looking for strength and definition ...pct of clomid and nolvadex would work fine
  7. Gunrunner

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    By the time the Test E kicks in you will be starting the Test P. So essentially this is a 3 week cycle. Just do 6 weeks of Test P, 1 week of hcg and then PCT.
  8. youngBuilder

    youngBuilder Member

    Yes thanks for the input. I'm not new to prop and I would be adding in an oral like usual.

    Just wanted to see if there was a way to minimize injections at the beginning. It gets old after a couple weeks, lol.
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