is this clen and t3 real? looks tiny

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by redbeard, Nov 21, 2008.

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    redbeard Junior Member

    so i got these today, the bottles were TINY like the 3 inches tall and the pill are so tiny i feel like pin head size. the t3 are a little bigger but still not as large as i pictured. are they sposed to be this small? thanks

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    juggernaught Junior Member

    They are tiny its normal.Not much reason for someone to produce couterfeits of either.....
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    SwollenMick Junior Member

    Its powerful stuff it doesnt need to be big.

    Although mine is huge:D
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    robyflexx Junior Member


    I agree with juggernaut there is no reason to fake them. These two are very easy to find so there is no shortage of them at all. They look O.K. to me! Hey, I don't know about you guys but I'm always looking for an easy way to make some green for my gear. Click this link Get Paid to Complete Offers at! I'm not advertising either, I just know times are rough. Or copy and paste
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    redbeard Junior Member

    arite thanks. so start at 20mcg a day increasing it by 1 until i hit the dosage i can tolerate. and 25mcg of the t3 increasing it by 25mcg every 4th day until i hit 100mcg. im gonna go for like 6 weeks taking benadril for week 3 and 6. just seems so tiny. i hope i feel something soon!
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    juggernaught Junior Member

    you should feel the clen kick in but not nessasarily the t-3 I dont feel t-3 at all when I run it and this was from a legal script
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    redbeard Junior Member

    should i have felt the 20 mcg? cuz i really dont think i felt that shit. i feel like jumping str8 to 3 pills (60 mcg) and still remain at 25mcg t3. what do u think
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    stkg Junior Member

    ugl gear..get some pharma gear. its cheap

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