Is World Pharma Legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Tman247, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Tman247 Junior Member

    I know they are really expensive. But is it legit? Anyone use them?
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    Donzi Active Member

    if all u want is a legit source yea.
    hell id hook u up at those prices.
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    MANWHORE Well-Known Member

    No and stop already with World Pharma...

    There might be a search button here
    and many posts on them...

    Try using it
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    Tman247 Junior Member

    So i got 1 yes and 1 no lol. Shit i only need deca. I can get a script but clinic wants 200 for it.
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    MANWHORE Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't pay $2 for it lol
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Awesome Member

    Amen MW!
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    MANWHORE Well-Known Member

    Amen for your avatar... mamma .. mamma
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    Tman247 Junior Member

    Not even 2? Why is that?
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    MANWHORE Well-Known Member

    Cause Deca is for women...
    Or is that Primobolin ??

    Is this a tren board or what :confused:

    My body is burning up like Mount Saint Helene
    Tren and Drost are my best friends
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    bodybuilder805 Active Member

    Expensive? YES Legit? YES
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    Tman247 Junior Member

    Shit i need some deca its even more expenisve than i thought lol
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    Donzi Active Member

    deca is poop.
    Continue ur research
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    regular Active Member

    No, they are not legit. They represent UGL products as FDA approved and GMP certified and charge excessive fees for them which is an ongoing scam. There's a thread about it here:

    Bodybuilder805 and matthewjasper are shills for their products and MBA represents them. World pharma has a piss poor reputation amongst the community. Stay away.
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    PillarofBalance Active Member

    It's garbage Tman, stay away.
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    tanuki Active Member

    Is low hanging fruit always g2g?
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    Bigkarch Active Member

    stay away
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    jeremywallace Junior Member

    world-pharma is 100% legit but not cheap and for everyone!
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    Tman247 Junior Member

    So many conflicting views. I need some deca at a fair ish price.
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    SerraJitsu2402 Well-Known Member

    Roxi has it for 45 bucks. Quick shipping, domestic an $150 minimum. I'm not repping roxi I just noticed you said you need it quick and he's prob got the best t/a IMO.
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    tanuki Active Member

    Like above go with roxi as your secondary source. You're paying $150 for 1 vial of deca with WP anyways.

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