Issues with PPL raws...

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by gear shef, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. gear shef

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    Just wondering if anyone has had issues. Im trying to be optimistic here but Im running 750mg NPP a week and 100mg Winny ED, along with my TRT.

    Its Day 10, and I have only gained 2 lbs (likely food volume). Which is totally contradictory from what Ive experienced with these compounds in the past. Normally within a week of using these compounds Im harder, fuller, more dense, and weight within 10 days would have gone up about 5lbs minimum. Strength additionally hasnt changed at all.

    As I said its day 10 so Im trying to be optimistic. Just wondering if anyone else had issues. I have a 110ml of NPP left and 180 Winny caps. Really hoping I dont have to throw these away.

    The NPP was domestic and Winny Intl.
  2. 350lift

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    I don’t know but I am wondering have you ever stacked npp with win before? Maybe it’s counteracting the weight gain. I ask only because I use ppl and like to know how others experience is too
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  3. JackSmooth

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    When did you recieve the npp raws. I've gotten them a couple times and both times worked as expected.
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  4. gear shef

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    I think it was in April or May.
    Ive used deca and winny together with great success. never NPP
  5. gear shef

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    I think I got it back in May or April. Im hoping maybe they accidentally sent me deca and its just taking a bit of time to kick in.

    However that wouldnt explain the winny though. usually within the first week Im full, hard, and have obvious strength increase.
  6. 350lift

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    Well I got less water retention with npp than deca if that means anything. This may just be how you react to npp. The npp I got was good but I didn’t get Raw’s I had domestic injectBles
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  7. gear shef

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    If I dont notice anything by monday Im going to bump it up to a wopping 1750mg / week on the NPP and see what happens
    Maybe, but no strength gain, no additional pump, really nothing at all. Just very odd in comparison to the many cycles Ive ran in the past.

    If I dont notice anything by Monday Im going to bump it up considerably and see what happens. I have noticed over the years my body becoming less responsive to androgens.

    Ill update for sure
  8. 350lift

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    Yeah. Npp didn’t do much for me I threw it away. It’s most likely u need a lot of time off I was taking Anadrol and superdrol and tren at the end of a 6 month cycle and not getting much except lethargy. However starting the tren definitely gave me a boost in the first month and a half. But Not even a crazy pump that u first get on first cycle. Ended up breaking my arm bench pressing, was off gear for like 4 months. Came back and dropped 100mg anadrol and boom pumps and water retention came back with a vengeance. I’d like to believe u can stay on cycle and keep gaining but I think eventually your body just returns to what it would gain “naturally” in terms of time it takes to gain muscle. Even though strength will be faster increases still. Increasing the dose would likely work. But you’d probably be more than quadrupling your dose to get any sort of benefit.
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  9. JackSmooth

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    Recieved mine that same time frame. If you have any raw left you could try brewing it like you would deca and that will tell you if its in fact deca or not. I personally dont have much water retention on npp, but do notice its strength increase and i typically run 500-600mg. Takes about 2-3 weeks for me with npp.
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  10. hookairs

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    oof bro i know im gonna regret asking this but how did this happen?!? you dropped it and your arm got caught underneath or something?
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  11. gear shef

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    thought of that too, although I had 20g its all brewed at 130mg/ml already.
  12. 350lift

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    I was 1 rep maxing in a caloric deficit bar was down an inch above my chest and got stuck there holding it for 15 seconds then I blacked out woke up the bar was lying on my neck/collarbone two people came and picked the bar off me and as I tried to bring my right arm up this bottoms half of my arm flailed around like a rag doll while the upper half moved upwards.

    And yeah I had no spotter. Always able to get the bar off me with no spot until that extra 25 pounds.

    It sucked but It showed me im serious about the gym considering the moment it healed (to the point I could kind of do a push-up) I was painfully doing 10 push-ups at a time and back in the gym within weeks
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  13. master.on

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    Maybe you already plateaued.

    Nobody can expect to keep on gaining strength and muscle on low dosages of weak steroids.
    Eventually you'll plateau and need to switch to higher dosages and more powerful steroids.
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  14. JackSmooth

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    Plateau in strength yes. He should still be getting better pumps, fullness, and hardness.
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  15. Rockclimber

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    10 days is nothing, wait another 10 days and report back here. I'm running PPL NPP and it's good stuff. Its not magical though, 10 days is way too soon to feel it unless its dbol and even then 10 days is fast.
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  16. ickyrica

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    Finished a npp & test prop 8 week run, each at 700mg ew. PPL raw homebrew. Was a massively successful run imo. Ran it at maintenance nutritionally. Raws have been in house for a long time, nothing recent
  17. gear shef

    gear shef Member

    Thank you all for the reassurance. I will report back in 10 days.
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  18. anfee

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    750 mg of NPP is considered “weak steroids”???

    You serious?
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  19. gear shef

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    Thats what I was thinking.
  20. wedorecover

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    10 days and ur not the hulk wtf must be bunk af ... :rolleyes: