Italy, Milan. Growth hormone trafficking, 6 arrests and 53 investigated

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    The Carabinieri of the NAS of Milan, at the conclusion of the investigation conventionally called "Solferino" - assisted in the executive phase by the military of the territorially competent Provincial Commands - have implemented a precautionary custody order, issued by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Milan, against 6 subjects held responsible for various reasons for the crimes of association for crimes aimed at fraud against the Regional Health Service, forgery of medical prescriptions, receiving stolen goods and illicit trade in anabolic medicines.

    On the occasion, contextual execution was given in the provinces of Milan, Pavia, Monza Brianza, Varese, Cremona, Turin, Lodi, Genoa, Naples and Salerno, also to 53 local and personal search decrees issued by the aforementioned Public Prosecutor's Office.

    The investigations were initiated by the NAS in June 2018 following the seizure of false medical prescriptions at a pharmacy in the Lombard capital, which were found stolen at various medical offices in the Milan area. The results collected in the course of the investigations have made it possible to identify two distinct criminal associations both dedicated to the illicit supply of doping medicines, in particular containing the active substance "somatropin", also known as growth hormone, which were then stored and marketed in the gyms in the provinces of Milan, Varese, Pavia and Lodi.

    Today's execution of judicial measures represents the conclusion of a broader investigative activity conducted by the NAS that had already allowed, in the first phase of preliminary investigations, to arrest one of the associates, dedicated to the illicit trade in anabolic substances, to refer overall to the Judicial Authority 53 people as well as to seize drugs with anabolic effect and "red" medical recipes of illicit origin, in part already subject to reimbursement by the SSR, for damage to public health quantified in approximately 11,000 euros.