It's that time of year again....

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by heavyiron, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. heavyiron

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    Don't you love the New Year resolution crowd?

    [ame=]GYM Idiots, Clowns and Fails - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Sworder

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    Wasn't a lot of people at the gym today. Tomorrow is going to be packed!

    By February it will slow down, March is when the new years resolution crowd disappears.
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  3. mac111

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    haha, some of those have to be set up, surely they can't be that retarded, or is it all shot in America? ;):D
  4. CEM-Meso

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  5. Pericles

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    [:eek:)] We have a guy at one of the gyms I train at, he wears skin tight spandex (and his ass is disgustingly jiggly) sunglasses, and giant gold headphones. Oh , and he has tee shirts that have stuff like "top" on them. However, the worst thing he did was his car: It is a Mercedes CLK Black series. The BS is a bad ass 100K car. I almost got one but went w/ a Merc C63 instead...also had my GT2 which made 800 rwhp.

    This idiot put a ginormous wing on the car and huge racing stripes down the middle, essentially ruining an amazing car.
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  6. mac111

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    jez, is there anything you dont do or dont own in your fantasy world???? 'please everyone like me, please'

    wanker lol
  7. Pericles

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    This is my gt2 in action. And yes, I was fat, lol. I had been gear free for 5 years and recently put on trt. But reeally, no excuse for me being a piggy.:eek: Watching it helps me to not alow it to hapen again.

    A little back ground, Jamie Carter and I had a long standing grudge. He is a guy
    who will trailer his car around the country just for a roll on and is ledgendary in the Supra comunittee.. He was the first guy who built a 996 GT2 that made over 700 rwhp (about 830 at the flywheel). There was a huge dyno day meeting, and due to me not getting my car into race gas mode (this car eventually made more than 800 rwhp) I dynoed only 599 (IE less than pump gas mode).

    I got tons of shit from everyone, even my best friend was laughing at me. So, I asked my friend Eric carter if we could do a little roll on in Mexico, since his car dynoed 732 that day. Eric and I were friends, and he purchased jamies old GT2.

    It was supposed to be friendly roll on, but he and Jamie show up, w/ a 4 man camera crew and wanting to go for $2K.

    All runs were in Mexico, so no US laws were broken:

    [ame=]TX2K10 - GT2 vs GT2 on the street - YouTube[/ame]
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  8. tanuki

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    Wish I had that car from your fantasy world.
  9. Pericles

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    I wish I still had her...I actually traded her for my current business.

    I am rocking my Bitchi'n Hyundai Equus.
  10. Reinheart

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    Fucking idiots. Gotta hate them, especially those wanna-be martial artists. Fucking clowns.
  11. Pericles

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    Ya, my favorite is the guy doing Kung Fu forms in between sets. I ask them if they would like to do a little training together (spar at about 70% effort, the goal is for us to improve, not beat each other up). Initially, I am being friendly, I want to get another training partner. I also try and respect other martial arts. Most of the MMA community makes fun of traditional arts, but I found that TKD, and especially old school Karate actually have a number of techniques that are very effective in the cage. Lyoto Machida proved the hard styles of Karate work very well if incorporated w/ grappling and boxing. Many of the top UFC guys, like GSP and Jones had a TKD background.

    In any event there is a very very nice martial arts room at one of the Gyms I train at. They have these huge WAVE bags which are awesome (and expensive) for an older guy like me whos' joints can't handle hitting the hard heavy bag.

    When I ask if they would like to work out together, the forms guy usually says something like "my art is too deadly to spar with, it is for the streets, not a sport." [:eek:)] I let it go at that (although admittedly, I have offered to go out to the parking lot and see if the "street" is really different from the cage/ring/mat). My first Jits instructor actually (Nick) fought in an early UFC against a Kung Fu guy who was 222 and 0 in street fights. There were much fewer rules back then. Nick took him down and beat his face in. I guess the guys is 222 and 1 now:p

    I know I need to grow up and stop acting like a 12 year old, but these guys are really annoying.
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  12. Donzi

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    The 1st Real Work day back is just Insane. I will be going to USA until the rush calms. Lifetime is just crazy.. And sum of the shit these guys do. WTF how does that not hurt.
  13. Pericles

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    The kids, and God bless their saggy pants and their apparent need to show me their underwear, are out in force. Sitting on equipment, texting, in general not doing anything remotely close to working out are what kill me. I watched a young lass the other day...seriously, she sat on a piece of equipment for a full 30 minute while she sent/received texts. Finally, she did one set w/ the lightest possible weight and that was it for her workout.

    These things happen in the LA fitness close to my house, not the club FIT near my store. Today (LA fitness again) I was treated to a women in incredibly tight short/shorts. She had a ton of cottage cheese all over, and it was quite disgusting.
  14. Moose

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    LMAO in this one P. There's an epidemic in Northern Cali too!:mad:
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    Nice, I was planning on going to TX2K11 when I lived in College Station but I had to cancel. All I had at the time was a bolt-on/geared '03 Mach so I would of only been a spectator but it still would of been fun to watch, a lot of insane cars at the TX2K events.