IV (Intravenous) HGH administration? Vs. IM/sub Q.

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    In my attempts at research on this topic, it has proven extremely difficult to find useful information. I’m curious if any of you guys are knowledgeable on the subject, and know the benefits/additional effectiveness of this ROA. How effective is IV, compared to IM or subcutaneous injection of Somatropin? I’ve read threads about top level pros commonly doing HGH “blasts”, where they administer 40iu of Serostim post workout, 3 days on 1 day off, for a couple months. When doing IV admin, do you still need to wait 2 hours to eat? Is it still necessary to be in a fasted state? Are you receiving more of the drugs bioavailability? Let’s talk about it.
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    Is subcutaneous or IM injections just not bringing results or something? I have nothing to add about this, not sure anyone or many will. I have never read a thread where the user did hgh IV.
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    IM is working just fine, I’m just curious about the effectiveness of IV.
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    Might find more info online, never seen anyone ever post they personally do it IV. But someone might surprise me...
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    Mixed with dilauded to control Pip?
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    I prefer dick hole injections personally
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    Maybe some meth to boost the dopamine release. Better put some Chiba in it to bring the edge off of the meth.
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    There was some info on it on Dat's forum before they closed it down. Supposedly some of the mods took most of the good info and posted it elsewhere online. Maybe someone can chime where that is as I don't know myself. I don't recall much about it except it got in and out of your system a lot quicker compared to subq and IM.
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    I have used it IV, tbh I always took gh in a fasted state, however to answer your question honestly I will have to say I don’t have any answers for you. At the time I was inducing it via IV, I was drug addicted and so the ROA, was no big deal. Just something else to put in my vein. Not proud of it, but thought I would try and give answers to things I know there would be question regarding.
    I did notice better fat loss results when compared to subQ. That’s about all I can help. Sorry
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    IV provides the highest HGH peak, fastest clearance(3.5 hours), highest bioavailability(100%), and lowest igf1 conversion.

    IM provides 70% absorption rate, nice fast clearance(7 hours), nice peak, and nice igf1 conversion.

    Subcutaneous injection provides only 50% absorption, but has the highest igf1 conversion, and the longest HGH release but with a lower HGH peak.
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    What are you basing this on?
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    Google just gives a shitload of search results that are unrelated. It seems like that’s all you get anymore, and you have to scroll through 10 pages of bullshit to find anything related to what you actually want to see.
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    I prefer good ole smack and coke personally.
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    Good luck with that.
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    I’ve put so much shit in my veins over the years it’s really not that outlandish of an idea. I know a lot of studies on GH and peptides are done via IV admin, and it’s typically the way to get 100% of any drugs bioavailability. But I guess it sounds crazy to your average dude.
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    Thank you sir, this is exactly what I was hoping to find. You are a saint.
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    Wow, one of the articles you posted (Regulation of muscle mass by growth hormone and IGF-I) which is all medical study, claims there is no muscle mass benefit/increase for healthy adults, with supraphysiological levels of HGH/IGF1. And they administered HGH and/or igf-1 for periods up to 6 months, with no recorded effect on muscle mass growth. They even stated that in cases of acromegaly, it could be argued that, high levels of GH and IGF are detrimental to strength and muscle mass.

    I find all of that very hard to believe.. Using HGH wouldn’t be so effective in bodybuilding if it had no effect on lean mass. I think these studies need to be revisited, and approached in a different manner.
  18. Whoremoans

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    Direct quote near the end of the article:
    “In summary, normal GH/IGF-I function does have a role in the development and maintenance of muscle mass, as gathered from evidence in GH-deficient patients, burn patients, hypophysectomized animals, and animal models in which GH receptor and IGF-IR activity are lacking. GH or IGF-I administration have, however, no proven benefits for muscle mass in healthy subjects in whom GH function is normal (Figure 3).”
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    I think many people have agreed that hyperplasia/hypertrophy hasn't been proven. On the other hand I think enough research hasn't been done. rhGH has apparently direct effect in the increase of MGF also which is why it is believed IV would be the better approach as it will yield a higher peak and higher MGF if injected pre workout but I think it is all mostly anecdotal anyway
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