Ivanko rubber coated plates

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    Whats up guys, was wondering if anyone has any experience with ivanko rubber plates.
    Their website says they are not to be treated like bumper plates but can take abuse, bla bla bla...
    My local used sports store has a whole stack of them. If price is right, and usually is there, I'd like to buy them all.
    I've got some rogue bumpers, but damn shit is pricey. Looking to add some more plates so I'm not beating my bumper plates daily.

    Any feed back would be appreciated.



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    Nearly spit out my coffee.
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    Damn...I thought so too until I looked closer at the title. My other gym had some of those and they were not too shabby. Very grippable when picking them up to load bars for bench press. Used them for deads as well.