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    As per suggestion given to us we have started a containment thread for our business and will not be posting elsewhere unless we are tagged or requested to do so in other threads.

    We are offering 50% off the HGH testing for everybody here for the orders made and paid by 10th of June who contacts us at the email info@janoshik.com referencing this post.

    Until 10th of June these are the prices for the HGH analyses:
    145€ for RP-HPLC providing the amount of HGH in a vial and its purity
    200€ for RP-HPLC + SEC-HPLC providing the above + amount of dimer in a vial.

    5 free HGH tests without any time limit are offered for @mands as an apology, along with a verbal one - I apologize about my unacceptable behavior and lying about the test you had conducted with me, mands.

    I am sorry I handled the situation that way.

    We understand if you decide to not accept such an apology for such unacceptable behavior and Mr. Mands is free to decide who can use the 5 tests worth 2000 Euro under our regular prices.

    For analyses of AAS raws we charge 60 Euro per sample.
    For analyses of AAS oils we charge 80 Euro per sample.

    All samples are and will be taken picture of, as a proof of receiving, raw data will be provided with all the samples as well upon request.

    100% refunds will be provided for all the samples that are not received or not tested within 28 days of receiving the samples.
    100% refund will be provided during the next 30 days even if we simply don't answer your emails or inquiries here within 72 hours.
    Results will be provided for free even after refund is issued, if it's possible.

    If there is anything else you would like for us to do or anything anybody would like to ask, we'll do our best.
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    I know im still new but this seems like a good attempt at regaining ground here.
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  3. MindlessWork

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    Jano's reputation is well known so nothing will change the perception of that no matter what new leaf he's turning over.
  4. stevonov

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    what thread do I go to, to read up on this drama?
  5. Capt Forest

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    Jano you shit the bed dealing with Mands. He is a great member that I have known for years now. This could all have been avoided if you were a better man. I am not going to say everyone deserves a second chance cause that is bullshit.

    You run this thread with honor or leave.

    Here is a link to the post that started this new thread
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    Lmao nice try Draino....Nobodys fallin for your shady ass lab testings smfdh
  7. Nolij

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    So Jano is not credible ? Everyone and their mom use him for testing
  8. ickyrica

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    If you discount his documented fake testing, lies and use of multiple handles to troll other members, sources and testing facilities then you could say he is credible.
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    In other words, Sir, there is a single documented professional failure in regard to the results over the span of six years we are in the business.

    For which we had apologized and are ready to handle severe financial repercussions.

    Also, please, make notice that we had conducted hundreds of blind tests over the years and our results of AAS testing had been verified by comparison with both SIMEC and Analyzer.
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    Lab test on tablets is the same price of oil? 80 eur ?
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    Yes Sir.

    We generally provide average turnaround of about 7-8 days since receiving the samples, however, for tablets it might be a little big longer (10-12 days) due to the fact we are running at the limit of our tablet processing abilities.
  12. ickyrica

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    Lol, severe financial repercussion? 50% off testing is your idea of severe financial repercussion? In a legitimate business setting you would be fired, possibly arrested, sued by share holders and any liscenising that you hold would most definitely be revoked by a governing body. Hell, some woman just recieved prison time for doing exactly what you did.

    So how severe are those financial repercussions again?

    Jano, your ability to test will always be marred by your lies. I will not troll your thread but when a consumer asks what the deal is you better believe they are going to be told what's up.

    Oh yeah, I love how.you call your lie a failure. Which it is, don't get me wrong. It's just very misleading. You intentionally lied about testing HGH, and had been exposed. You reacted like a foolish child crying foul. So yeah, your lie was a failure, but it was also a gigantic lie.
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    50% off has us running into red numbers on each test and 2000 euro might be cheap for you, but we assure you, it is not for most.

    If you would like to reference legitimate business settings we suggest you take notice of the nature of the situation and the forum you are at.

    Even if no heed was paid to the above - there was no false official documentation on behalf of the company provided and there was no payment accepted.

    We appreciate your resolution to not troll this thread - we will still be happy to answer any factual questions you might have.
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    Personally, I think this is a great step.

    We all know there is a gap for testing that exists. Jano has helped me look at testing done by Analyzer and led to catching some minor mistakes done. Leading to a retest done, that the sample wasn't as bad as originally thought.

    Discount offer just goes a bit to say sorry, as in someone that fucked up could do as a source. Maybe it doesn't fix the mistakes but it takes the right steps forward to.

    I have little doubt he could've built back without offering that, but he did which goes a step to say something.

    I do look forward to see what comes about..and I will be trying him out.
    I might even do an HGH test, if mine arrives.
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  15. MindlessWork

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    Try sending 2 samples and mark one vial A and the other B and only you know which vial comes from which source and only you know it. Maybe this way any slip ups can be noticed.
  16. Steve84

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    I will be doing!!!!

    Just waiting to see if my HGH makes it in or not..haha
    Might do some tablets though. I'll have to see what I put together.

    And isn't that how you always test? I always do blind tests.
  17. janoshik

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    We do, of course, accept blind AAS and HGH samples and suggest to people to send the samples to us as such.
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  18. Sdryx

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    What do you mean professional failure? There was no professional failure in your services. You straight up LIED about analytical testing results!

    It’s NOT slander when it’s the truth. You can check with your lawyer on that one.

    Here is your admission! Although we did not need your admission due to uncovering so much evidence you leave behind which proves your lies. You are untrustworthy and morally corrupt. You deserve the righteous flooding this thread and ANY thread that you make to remind those who have less invested in this board to become aware of your lies and subterfuge.

  19. janoshik

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    Do we understand that your claim is that Energy Control is innocent, Sir?