jeffries' safe use of cortisol - any published evidence?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by uni, Feb 5, 2012.

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    uni Junior Member

    Many physicians who utilize hydrocortisone as a treatment for adrenal dysregulation (low cortisol states) refer to William Jeffries' "Safe Uses of Cortisol" to explain its use. I am wondering, is there any actual published that physiological doses around 20mg is safe for long term use (does Jeffries have citations in his book supporting this)?

    I am wondering since I am suffering from chronic fatigue/low cortisol/cognitive dysfunction/exercise intolerance. My doctor decided to prescribe me 20mg HC per day, and while it has helped me, I'm not totally convinced that this is the way to go. As I understand (from reading forums and also Dr. Mariano's posts on his forum), there are reasons for HPA axis downregulation - perhaps neurochemical or immunological. It would be better to figure out why cortisol output is low rather than supplementing HC (but it also seems rather difficult to determine the cause since so many people are still suffering with this).
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    zkt Member

    If yoi DID figure out why it is low what would you then do about it? Seems to me that out of all the reactions that take place to produce and regulate cortisol the end product itself is the simplest to adjust.
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    exactly....trying to walk backwards from low cortisol to HPA is like a total maze you will never find a way out from....could be a gazillion things, autoimmune, viral, mental, physical, food, allergens....goes on and on and on....i gave up....
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    uni Junior Member

    Hmm I see. I guess its too complicated to figure out.

    I wonder if doctors like Mariano has been able to figure out the underlying cause. Or if not, maybe a way to tackle the problem more upstream to increase CRH.
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    imrj Junior Member

    but even that appears to be just about many factors working to throw things back into balance (or out of balance, however you look at it) that makes you think that no wonder its taken evolution millions of years to get it right...or close to at least
    the best we can hope to do is influence it in one direction or another, but to control it? forget it....just my 2 cents, not a scientific explanation my any means....
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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    Here we go again. I don't think anybody doubts that taking 100mg/day of hydrocortisone is detrimental to one's health.

    The guideline is typically not to go above 20mg/day. 10-5-2.5-2.5mg of hydrocortisone. You work your way up to that level, don't just jump into it. See how you react.

    Then, after a month or two, you can then try to slowly wean off and see what kind of results you have. Taking high doses long term of glucorticosteroids has been shown over and over to affect health negatively. Just look at the old people and prednisone. Talking about being determintal to one's health over a period of time. It has likely lead to more health issues than resolving any using this stuff long term.

    Nobody has studied this method and use of hydrocortisone. Most would go the traditional route and do a stim test, and other adrenal gland testing to determine if cortisol is an issue to begin with. Like a 4x saliva test is a good/inexpensive start for people. Then, look into MRI of adrenal glands, other stim testing to determine adrenal function.
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    imrj Junior Member many lives has it saved thou?? i think there are cases where someone has to be on a GC for life and i don't think in all cases it can be said this will cause long term damage...if one is taking GC dose to compensate for lack of endogenous production then I don't know why would long term use would cause any more/less damage than ones own production.....
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