Jobs and the Bodybuilding Lifestyle

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by BigNattyDaddy, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. BigNattyDaddy

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    What kind of jobs will allow you to get your meals in while working and have energy left at the end of the day to lift?
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  2. NorthMich

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    My home office job allows that. I’ve often thought the eating would be tough with most jobs
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  3. Rosconow

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    I work as an equipment op/ truck driver in construction, road building. I wake up at 3:50am to be training at around 5:15. Train for 1-1.5 hour session. Then off to work for 7:00am.

    I eat and recover all day long. My co workers always joke how big my cooler is and "what's on the menu today?". Guys will walk by my machine while I'm shaking my shake, i tell them its my afternoon margarita!
    They laugh.
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  4. insaiyan93

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    I run a warehouse for a window/door/glass installation company.

    I do all the shipping and recieving, custom glass cutting, and in shop installations by myself. Very physically demanding as we regularly get in orders of 40+ windows/doors ranging anywhere from 1'×1' to 16'x10' .

    Easy for me to eat since I generally use my time as I see fit and am not bothered as long as everything gets done.

    Training after a long day is tough sometimes cuz as a powerlifter I am generally in the gym 2.5-3 hours at a time but I think just like anything it's more about what the particular person is willing to do.

    You can go train after any job, its really just about how bad you want it in my opinion. People who complain about their jobs being too hard to go train after work are just making excuses.
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  5. Sparkyp

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    I work for myself. Although I run the business from our office I still meal prep. It’s easy to eat if prepared
  6. cousinmuscles

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    Always meal prep of course. I run my own business, sometimes the workload is so excessive the meals are a couple hours apart, at most 5-6 hours. If I didn't meal prep it would be impossible.

    Some jobs don't let the workers eat and they have to work eg 8 hours straight. Thats horrible, must be catabolic in the long run.
  7. Personal training has always aligned with that lifestyle for me.
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  8. fodsod

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    I run my own department, work M-F 8ish to 4/5ish and I'm salaried so I'm in my office most of the time and eat whenever I need/want too. I have my decent sized mini fridge, microwave and shelving for all my food, protein powder, other powdered supplements and prep in my office also.

    I'll admit, it's about as ideal as one could ask for regarding freedom to eat and reserve energy for the gym later in the day. It's sort of a joke that my boss walks into my office and I'm eating all the time. He used to own a gym so he understands the lifestyle.
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  9. tengtren

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    Supp shops, personal training, desk jobs.

    But over the many years I've been doing this I've made it work for every job I've had. Did it get me fired once or twice? Yeah, but this is what's important to me

    Just tell your employer look this is what I do these are my goals and this is what it takes so every few hrs I'm going to have to sneak off for about 5 min and slam a egg white and oat shake
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  10. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Always been interested in being a PT. Is the pay good? How do you work with older people who don't necessarily want to look like bodybuilders or powerlifters?
  11. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    Good suggestions but the supplement shops I've looked at in my area don't pay good. Managers at GNC get around $10/hr. I used to work on a college campus and would sneak into the gym after hours to get my workouts in lol.
  12. master.on

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    G4P is your life call.

    Rumors say most major bodybuilders did something gay at some point in their life.




    Now seriously, education not bodybuilding should be your priority in your 20s, and still in your 30s.

    It doesn't have to be college education
    you can learn a trade

    My advise is:
    learn to operate or repair expensive machines, and you'll do fine.
    You might even travel a lot because of your job, I do, and I love it.
  13. cousinmuscles

    cousinmuscles Junior Member

    I agree. Life is more than training and making gains, invest early in things that will provide you a better standard of living later on. After all Rhoden won his first Olympia at 43 and Dexter Jackson is still competing at the Olympia close to 50!