Joe Biden A Pedophile?

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by XKawN, Aug 2, 2017.

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    There would be a deep hole somewhere up rt91 in Vermont with his name on it. I'd find a nice stretch of highway, maybe 20+ miles long, with no exits or homes. The hole would be inbetween the north and south bound sides of the highway. He would have a 150# bed of lye to get dumped into the hole before his body goes in and the another 150# of lye to go on top. Fill the hole in and plant a sapling over that cunts body. Done deal.

    P.s. nobody start checking rt91 for bodies please....
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    That video is freakin creapy.
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    Reminds me of Sandusky. How the hell do they (fellow politicians) not loose their minds and expose this freak? I can understand drug issues, mental health issues like depression etc. and wanting to keep that stuff quiet but a chomo should be exposed and run through like the predator they are. Entirely different level of punishment for him.
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    What a POS, but I'm not surprised that fucker Biden always gave me the Willy's every time he would open his mouth on TV
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    What the Fuck?
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    That was crazy when sessions slapped his hand a way from that kid.
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    Old news ;)
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    He was Obama's impeachment insurance.

    Certifiably nuts too that guy.

    Walking, talking evidence of how utterly biased media is, a Republican would have been disposed of by media had he done and said a mere fraction of what this idiot has.

    Dems.... they don't police their own house, hypocrites. But they're liberal.
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    of course he’s a molester. this guy is sick. anyone voting for biden is showing their approval of molestation. disgusting human people. no wonder why no one will admit they’re voting for him. they’re too embarrassed to show their approval of a molester. Or maybe they are a molester themselves which I wouldn’t doubt

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    So fucking creepy
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    This guy is shot the fuck out
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    Lol. This is real life. 0_TRvdtVVN9egpvxBS.jpg
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    This is another reason I think govt is full of pedos. Epstein was just the tip of the iceberg. Biden can't even control himself in front of cameras. No way I would let my kids/family anywhere near someone like this.
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    amazing how youtube videos cut and edited is a fashion supporting the makers narrative....are the definitive proof now a days. I tell ya Youtube and Facebook the epsilons of accuracy...

  17. Joe Morgan

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    “Biden himself has stated that he intends to take firearms. Biden had the following exchange with CNN’s Anderson Cooper when asked about firearm confiscation during an August 5, 2019 interview.”

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    So if Biden touching kids like that wasn’t cut and spliced together it would be totally explainable and not weird?

    Smh back atcha
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    It was edited
    It is therefor wrong.

    Ya know bro, you've really been pissing me off lately with your "logic" and "reason".
    You're going to have to fuck off with that nonsense, its hurting my feeling and my nearest safe space is occupied.
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  20. Forget voting. American should demand a bare knuckle fight between these two old geezers to see who becomes president.

    Then again... maybe not. Creep show Joe would stand there slap swinging at his own shadow while yelling "i'll kill you Joe Biden" and the orange fella would be trying to schmooze the crowd, breaking away every so often to admire his shadow.

    Well, someone has to win. Enjoy that fucking mess, ya fucks. :D