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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Jankauskas, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Jankauskas

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    I have been seeing a lot of references in this website to this man and his work, and I became curious about him.

    After watching some YouTube videos on his channel, I find that the man does indeed give good advice. I’m curious about a couple of things though:

    From what I gather after glancing over at his executioner program, the Idea that I get is that his programs are some form of modified brosplit with more emphasis on certain body parts, depending on the program (my guess). Is this the case?

    Also, is the membership to his website worth it? I would like to get some more knowledge on contest prep and how top level athletes cycles are handled, and of course, Meadows’s take on it.

  2. Eman

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    Most of what I have seen in his programming isn't really a "bro split", whatever that really is. He has quite a few periodization methods that he utilizes in his programming, pretty solid techniques and well thought out.
  3. Jankauskas

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    A bro split is, for me, something like this:


    His executioner program, from what I saw, was similar, only it had legs and back on higher frequency, and arms only once a week.

    I don’t want to discredit the man in any way, just making a comparison to try and understand if all of his style programs are similar to the executioner.

    Seems like they are well thought indeed, but from what I read, there’s often work with bands, and even occlusion methods. Me I’m a simple man, I just like to do the old school weight lifting with no bands and stuff like that.
  4. Eman

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    The splits change a lot, typically. Sometimes you might train a muscle group 3x in a week. He has a really wide variety of programs, I can't remember exactly how executioner is but they're definitely not all the same. Program X, for example, is a combo of powerlifting and bodybuilding programming.

    You don't need to use the bands or occlusion bands. There will probably be certain movements you aren't able to do in his programming too due to not having access. He says many times to just follow the program as close as you can... He links to videos to give you an idea of what he's looking for.
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  5. Jankauskas

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    What kind of split would one do after a meadows program? Another meadows program or a period of lower volume to recover?
  6. Eman

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    Depends on which one you do... Some of them would be fine to pick up with another, some need a week off after you're done lol.
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  7. Agree with @Eman

    Some of the programs are very high volume and require a week or two deload after completion. Some of his programs also have deload scheduled in. Listen to your body. If you feel you need some extra rest them take a week or two and some extra rest days per week and only hit it at 75-80%. Give yourself some time to figure out what your next move is depending on what your goals are as well.

    Also take into consideration as stated above say your in a back block and hitting back 3x a week your gonna wanna take a week or two off before jumping into another one of his programs and say either starting a leg block or possibly back again you wanna let your lower back catch a break. Hench why he normally goes legs, chest, and then back to avoid injury.
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    That’s seems like an interesting structure. Unfortunately, the programs are too expensive for me to affford (not saying they aren’t worth it), I might pick a couple up when they are on sale.
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    They are almost always on sale for holidays. Sometimes 50%off. That's when I buy them.
  10. Which programs do you have? I could hook you up with one or two.
  11. If you do a search on the internet I'm quite sure you will find most of them...if not all of them.
  12. RAre

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    Agree, it took me awhile but I did find a site that had must of them
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    Anyone have the new creeping death 2? Meadows release it today
  14. Jankauskas

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    I think it’s too early man
  15. Jankauskas

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    Second day of gamma bomb was today, the workouts are very short but surprisingly brutal. I always did straight sets to failure, that’s how I made my progress until now, but I was getting burnt out too quickly so decided to do something different. The intensity on this program is absolutely insane, it’s like getting hit by a truck.