Joint Pain/Clicking - Low T?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Megazoid, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Megazoid Junior Member

    Everytime i move my body, "clicks" and in some areas causes pain occur. I have noticed a buildup of pain in my knees and back and also neck/shoulder area.

    This happens with every single limb in my body (legs, arms, ankles, knees, wrists and neck) pretty much/.

    This has only started happening since i have been experiencing hypogonadal symtoms. Before this i had no problems at all related to this. It's been a progressive downhill spiral and i don't know how much more i can take.

    I have noticed an increase of fat on my body and also loss of muscle tone. I have started noticing "flab" like areas on my lower abdomen and thighs. I also feel alot weaker than before and suffer from fatigue alot more.

    These symptoms only started once i started suffering from low testosterone. Never before have i had anything like this.

    I have been less active because of the low testosterone but the joints continue to click everytime i move and my back starts hurting after a few minutes standing.

    I am underweight (low testosterone all my life i think) and roughly about 9.5 stone. I am skinny and tall (6ft).

    My fear is arthritis but their are no signs of swelling, discolouring or fluid buildup around the joints except constant clicking when i move. It's difficult to sleep because i either have back pain or joint clicking stopping me.

    I am thinking about visiting hospital tomorrow and demanding to see someone about this, not sure if this will work though? How would i put forward these aches and pains? I shower roughly twice a day (early morning and night) and thought maybe, somehow, this caused some of the pain but i am more confident this is muscle related. I am scared and want this to stop. I am going to start walking again tomorrow to see if this helps any. I have however been walking 30 minutes everyday in the hope this might stop.

    Can anyone offer any advice/input on this?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    This can be Adrenal Fatigue or low testosterone I was on gels for yrs. and this got so bad I could hardly walk the pain was so bad I was house bound for a long time. I stopped the gels went on shots of T and in weeks I was fine. If your levels are not high enough the T will not keep your joints and muscles healthy. On gels my levels were 600 on shots I am at 900.
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    Megazoid Junior Member

    Were your symptoms similar to my own Phil? Did you get this "clicking" i am describing? And also the lower and upper back ache? This does sound alot like a testosterone problem too me also, this has only started since the decreasing testosterone levels. After posting this thread i went for a 1 and a half hour power walk in my home town at 11pm at night. My leg's and back ached but i forced myself to do it in the hope it might relieve some of the pain. I think it has helped somewhat and i will go a longer walk tomorrow.

    I have started taking in alot of protein (milk for the most part) the past few days and i am going to cut this back because i have heard too much is "worse" for causing joint and bone pain. Ironic almost.

    I am booking an appointment with one of the world's leading anti-aging specialists and will be travelling to london for a full checkup. It sound's to me like my t has been low for a long time and i am scared that i could suffer problems if this dosen't get sorted.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Yes same thing and my back was so bad I had an MRI done on it and nothing. Don't push your self I did feel better affer walking a little but when I sat back down getting back up was the problem once I got moving it got better.

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