Joints killing me

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by BBrownOrphen, Jun 8, 2019.

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    On my 8th week of 300mg weekly of test e. Doubled my bench and every other weight i was lifting easily. Past week my shoulders and elbows are absolutely a wreck. Im trying to avoid an injury. Using wraps etc, icing all points in pain. What am I doing wrong too much weight too fast? Muscles growing but tendons need time to catch up?

    Any advice here from some Pros is appreciated. I will drop weight if need but I dont want to stop lifting. Keep hoping the pain will subside just not used to lifting yet.
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    Exactly this. As much as you want to keep pushing more weight, you’re tearing yourself up. You don’t want to get to the place where you can’t lift because the pain is too much.
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    Im going to drop weight i had a hunch the tendons were weak and dont grow at same level and speed as the muscle does. Thanks for the confirmation.
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    It sucks too, because your body is like “Give me more frickin weight!!!!” And then your tendons are like “slow the eff down!!!!!”
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    What I used to do to strengthen tendons, I would do powerholds. Knowing What I rep on flat bench. If I wanted to increase my bench I would usually add anywhere from 70 to 90lbs extra on the bar. Have someone assist me with the lift off the rack and just hold the weight for as long as possible. You will notice your arms start to shake. Which is good. Those micro fibers and the tendons need to get used to holding more weigh before you get underneath it and push. I found after a month of doing the powerholds(not sure if there is actually a real name for them or not) I found that my presses became much more concentrated because of how I went about strengthening those fibers, and tendons, etc. a guy that I helped train for Mr Utah years ago, used to do them and got me into them. I have passed them along to guys that like to lift heavy to give them one more tool in their arsenal so they don’t get injured. This also helps when it comes to lifting heavy dumbbells.
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    Do more sets and reps with less weight for awhile so your body can catch up. In the meantime you could also do some harder bench variations that will force you to use less weight like incline, close grip, dumbbell press, camber bar bench, long pauses on the chest, etc. That way it's still challenging while using less weight.

    If you keep pushing it you'll likely end up where you can't train for awhile. Did you just start lifting with this cycle you're on right now? Not judging, but I could see this problem being much worse if so.
  7. This is interesting. I've got a question that is related to the subject, but unrelated to OP. My gym costs me 10$/month, but DB weights usually go as high as 75 (found a gym that goes to 110, thank god).

    Obviously, 75 is fairly easy, but in this case, I'd just add another set and/or add more reps?

    I believe 6x 8-10 instead of 5x 12-15 would be better.

    Do tendons weaken after some time off? Or just like muscles, there is something as "tendon memory" that exists lol.
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    Your 10 dollar gym sounds like my 10 dollar gym.I too am at a 10 a month gym and only got 75's. I asked them last week if the could at least run up to 100 and sounds like they are considering it or I will look for a new gym.

    OP you out lifted the ligaments and tendons. They need to catch up, modify sets and reps as others have suggested.
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    Planet Effing Fitness
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  10. My gym is basically a brand and there are a lot of them. They basically buy gyms that couldn't keep up with the market and sometimes, keep what they had before adding their own equipment. I found one of these gyms that still have DBs that go up to 110 pounds!!!! lol
    Lmao, I'd probably get banned after destroying the "Lunk alarm". I'm from Canada though, so I don't need to deal with that bullshit.
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    Canada too here, and it isnt planet fitness. It has a lunk alarm but not connected or it would be going off lots lol
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    Lol I go to a Planet Fitness for now as I moved to a new state and scouting out a new gym. Once I find a decent gym will still keep my PF membership as a backup. The dumbbells at the one near me goes to 80lbs which is pretty reasonable.
  13. The thing with PlanetFitness is that they claim they want a "No judging zone" but judge anyone and everyone that train (hard). It's an okay gym if you want to do your cardio there or do circuits training... You can have a decent workout, but you can't lift heavy weights.

    As a back up, it shouldn't be too bad.
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    Yep I would go on cardio days as there's plenty of treadmills and stairclimbers. As for the weights I can do sets of 15 for 3 for the 80lb db's there which is decent enough effort on top of the circuit training. I have done smith machine deads at 405lbs for a triple even.

    One gym I am looking at has plenty of plates and has db's to 125. Plus several deadlift platforms.
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    I went after i posted to get a feel i did two more sets dropped 40# off the bench. Felt way to easy but the extra two sets i started to feel it. I will deal with it a month before going back up in weight. I dont want an injury. Shoulders feel great though.
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  16. MindlessWork

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    I've done the same and my own shoulders are feeling much better considering I've killed them with barbell benching. Going to light sets higher reps with db's for a while has helped and your experience has shown it works.
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    Huge mistake that I have experience with.
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