Jon Jones tested positive for Oral Turinabol

Discussion in 'Steroid News Forum' started by Brandaddy, Aug 22, 2017.

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    No way to know if he only ran that, Aleksey Lovchev tested positive for ipamorelin but I think it's a safe bet he didn't run that only
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    That's a damn dirty shame. I think they should jus let em all juice an go at it. I'd rather see em frighten all juiced up an going at it like savages....I think it'd make for a better showing honestly.....
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    Is this for real? He literally just came back
  5. Kinetic

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    LOL, again? Don't get me wrong, WADA is complete bullshit, but these guys should know better by now.
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    Tbol apparently. UFC is gonna have zero Superstars it seems
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    No kidding. I would love to see some 5'10 300lbs meathead behemoths go at it. No take downs, stand up only. Ha.
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    Hmmm....I wonder how long after discontinuance of T-Bol that the testing can detect the drug.
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    Damn man DC champ again
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    And peoples are surprised?

    When athletes test positive for steroids, all it makes me think is we really don't know the potential of half lives. Think Dana wants to lose money, especially on one of his more famous fighters? These guys have to get tipped off.
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    These drug laws have to go. Let them take whatever they want, but disclose exactly what regimen they're on. Sunshine and fresh air, solves a lot of things.
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    I may be mistaken but I believe they test for metabolites that linger long after many half-lives have passed.
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    Many people have said this. It would be safer. Because then athletes can openly go get their blood tested and check for issues, instead of hiding everything under the rug.
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    No you are right. That's the thing though. People say test p is in your system for 2 weeks? What if someone did a test p cycle 3 months before the test and still failed it?

    I think it just shows that the scientific/PED using community do not understand enough about how the body metabolizes esters.
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    Yes, leave these pro athletes alone. It's how they make a living. If they need some juice to assist their training and recovery, so be it. The NFL is no different....are people gonna fill the stands to watch spider monkeys on the field, or large muscular players? Look at wrestling in its hey day -- muscular physiques ruled the ring and people ate it up.
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    Part of me agrees with the let them use argument. But another part disagrees. It's different in combat sports. Look what damage these guys can do now. Imagine letting some of these HW guys take anything they want, and what they'd then be able to do to someone's skull if they pushed those limits.
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    Ulitmatley in wrestling and especially football, your end goal is not to do as much physical damage as possible to your opponent.
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    Have you participated in combat sports?
    I did it for a small amount of time. Damn near everyone has haha. I weighed 210 and fought at 170. Was all natural. Started when I was 14 and did it until I was 22.

    When I was cutting down I would still be rolling with 200-15 lbers. Everyone always rolls with stronger guys. Then you roll with people with better technique. Same thing goes for boxing.

    Shit man one of my kicks (when I was flexible enough) could easily break a skull. Doesn't matter if you're juicing or not. The risk is always there.

    Plus the more you box, the rougher my skin got. Felt like it got thicker round my jaw. Can only imagine your bones would follow suit and grow stronger.
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