Jordan or LeBron?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Marvel Not DC, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Marvel Not DC

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    Who’s the GOAT?
  2. Morefyah

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    Jordan never lost an NBA finals and he was the definition of clutch!

    Lebron is a freak of nature and the most impressive physical specimen that the basketball world has ever seen!

    For now Jordan is still the GOAT! o_O
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    I love LeBron. But it’s def Jordan.
  5. Docd187123

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    I don’t think anyone has topped Jordan as GOAT. Others have come somewhat close, but I don’t think we’ll see anyone do it anytime soon if at all.
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  6. ickyrica

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    MJ all day, erry day
  7. MythotiK

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    Dolphins put balls thru hoops all day long, so who really cares...Players these days are just way overpaid blowhards!!

    FYI, LeDouche was just swept 0-4 by Curry, Curry now has 3 rings in 4 years!!!! And he doesn't run his yap like he's a god!!

    I'll stick with my college softball
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  8. DrankSlangin

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    Jordan without question. Great leader, literally elevated his teammates’ abilities. MJ didn’t need to go to an all star team to win multiple titles
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    Actually Steph runs his mouth way more then lebron. He’s like the Millennial version of Reggie Miller! There both floppers and drama queens at times. No offense Myth but I think you’ve been brainwashed my the media. I bet you wouldn’t be able to post a video clip of lebron talikung like he’s GOD!

    Lebron is by no means my favorite player.
    I’m actually an Allen Iverson guy. He became a ultra millionaire at age 18 and has been in the league for 16 years and has never been arrested, never been banned for drugs.
    He has stayed with his high school sweetheart. He’s Never ran into the crowd to choke a fan. Oh an his foundation has donated close to a $50 million dollars to charities. More then Jordan and Curry combined. Lebron James: Five Humongous Charitable Donations
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  11. Marvel Not DC

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    What would LeBron have to do to surpass Jordan? Or is it out of the question from losing 3 NBA Finals
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    He needs to stop being a pussy ass bitch.
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    Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic. Nobody will ever top these three.
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    I suspected as much when I heard his kids were going to high school in LA
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  20. Brian Scalabrine