Just finished 5x5 loading phase(results)

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by wee man, Mar 10, 2005.

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    im currently on the deloading phase of the 5x5 programme after loading for 4 weeks,the last time i tried the 5x5 i went wrong as i didnt deload and basically started getting alot of injuries.anyway,i hadnt trained for about 5 months or so,started a high rep routine in january for 4 weeks just to get accustomed to weights again,and started the 5x5 in feb.started the weights conservatively but getting there again
    height 5'7",start weight 175lbs , now 185lbs
    Squat 1x5 330 lbs
    deadlift 5x5 350 lbs
    bench 1x 5 225 lbs
    strict mil press 5x5 135 lbs
    cant wait to see what happens by the end of the 3x3 phase!
    strange but i used to bench alot better and struggle in the military press,now its the opposite way about?
    anyone that was wondering about the 5x5 but wasnt to sure should give it a go,as it really gives fast solid results.
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    Hey could you explain the loading and deloading phases...I don't quite understand what they mean and i just thought that you do the 5x5 for 8 weeks straight as much weight as possible..........Thanks for the inormation
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    This is a large composite thread that I've used to help people through this program. It was started by someone who copied an old post of mine from Fortified Iron that might solve your issue (so first post). The rest of page 1 contains a lot of relevant misc info and links to info here and other places. http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/showthread.php?t=375215&page=1&pp=20
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    Thank You
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    madcow2, things have sure changed. i remember several years ago when i first started to post here, no one knew what i was talking about when i described this type of workout, and a majority of people thought i was crazy to propose that a person could squat hard 3 times a week. now after looking thru the link in your post, and some of the links attached to that link, it seems like its all over the place and almost popular. its a crazy world.
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    My results have been tremendous, I work out with the 5x5 3xwk, ride 12+ hrs wk and have become much stronger in the past 10 wks. No doubt, just ask my competitors...

    road warrior