Just finished 6 wks HST - feel strong ! ~OGH

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  1. So , 2 weeks after shutting down the full HST program because of golfers elbow I'm starting to do more pulling exercises alongside the rehab exercises .

    After my regular exercises like squats and presses (which Im still progressing wt wise) Ive been doing one-arm dumbbell rows 45's to 75's going slow & precise , with hangtime at the top & bottom . No pain.

    Also after that is reverse bb-curls starting with a bare 45lb bar and going to up to 70lbs(no more) for 5-10 reps x 3 to 4 sets , only light pain with reverse curls but if I do regular curls , intense pain . Stopped iceing but still doing stretches and wearing elbow band .

    I want to do weighted pull-ups & heavy curls & I cant !! Sucks !! :mad:
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    It sucks working through injuries OGH. Just keep positive like you are and a few months from now when you are killing rows, pull ups, and curls you won't even remember.

    I just came back from a minor ankle injury and couldn't do cardio, calf work, or squats! It sucked but now it's all good.

    You have been an inspiration in my training brother and I am glad I found your thread and began HST, I love it!
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    What kind of program are you doing now? Or are you just doing what you need to, to work through this injury?

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    Just started 2nd week of 15s and I can't decide if I want to thank OGH or put him on the block list. [:eek:)]

    I now know where all the garbage cans are in my gym or barf bucket as I like to call them. Just in case of course.

    My buddy has been giving me a hard time for having 25's on the bar and such but today he wanted me to show him the workout, It was great to see a big dude humbled by a nearly empty bar.

    "I had no idea that 5 more reps made such a difference" he said after the forth exercise. Now I am like YODA haha "Whats this workout called" "Can you lay one out for me" etc etc

    Thanks to OGH and Millard for adding an arrow to my quiver.
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    OGH how you feeling lately and how's your recovery going? Hope all is well looking forward to seeing you throw up some big weight again!

  6. Thanks OS- My legs are coming back (from bad test-prop), been doing light squats , as far as my elbow I just now started doing bent-over-rows and con curls . Bench press & front press are strong .Hope to resume HST in July.....~Ogh
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    Nice! That's what I like to hear. Glad you're doing better.

    I will finish up my first round of HST this week! My recovery and strength has been very good lately so I don't think I am going to take the week off but go right back into 15's instead. I don't think I can take a full week off from training it would drive me crazy.
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    Killed the 15's tonight OGH!

    I was reading last night on the think muscle forum Bryan suggests that 30 reps per muscle group is optimal for hypertrophy. That would mean 2 sets on the 15's, 3 sets on the 10's, and 6 sets on the 5's per muscle group.

    Anyone else using this approach or just the standard 2 sets per exercise, 2 exercises per muscle group regardless of number of reps?

  9. Thats a very interesting concept , and would keep the workout time longer too. Might be worth exploring after we get tired of the same routine . A+ for you OS...;)

    Because of my injuries Ive been doing rehab workouts , but comin back to the HST soon .....~Ogh
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    Keep it up nice bike by the way! I wanted to bike but its100 degrees right now. Probably not a good idea lol
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    @Oregonstrong I've been reading a lot in HST lately and it seems the whole point of the deloading 9-14 days after HST is to drop the stimulus thresh hold so that when you come BACK to the program the light days of 15's will be a hypertrophic stimulus... The progressive loading idea says that anything less than the previous conditioning will not stimulate growth, just maintain. So if your 1st week of this run isn't harder/more "damaging" than week 6 of your last run... Then ur not making progress.. I kno it's hard to stay outta the gym lol, just play ball or mtn bike or swim and shit for ten days then start program anew. Not tryin call u out just wanna see u succeed!
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    Thank you brother I appreciate that. Damn that is going to be hard but I give it a will try when I finish the cycle I am currently
    on. I am in my first week of the 10's now on my second cycle. Have you read anything about the 30 set per muscle group recommendation and the third week of 5's with negatives? Curious on thoughts about those principles of the program.
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    I hadn't seen anything on the 30 rep sets, but I'm definetly no expert. And yes you can add a 7th and 8th week. Week seven you can use your 5 rep weights and add slow negatives, static holds/ rest pause, and 1 1/3 reps. Mix it up and just make sure each workout is progressively more difficult/strenuous... I think that would be the hard part for me, holding back on one workout to get more out of the next. Especially the first few 15s. Week 8 you can goto 3x3's with your heaviest weights. Again utilize negatives, statics, and 1 1/3's to make each next workout harder. Then decondition 9-14 days

    How do u like HST ? I start Sunday and have been off all week.. It does suck but nursing a shoulder injury helped. You gettin good results?
  14. Oregonstrong

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    Explained that wrong earlier. What I meant was 30 reps per muscle group in a workout. I was recently reading in the thinkmuscle forum and Bryan mentioned if he could go back and change one thing about he program he would lay it out at 30 reps per muscle group and that was optimal for muscle hypertrophy. I have been doing more than 30 on the 15's and will now be doing at least 30 reps per muscle group on the 5's.

    As far as the training program so far I love it. I have been seeing noticeable results and strength increase as well and I have been cuttings no on a calorie deficit and doing cardio everyday for a while now. I think this type of training works well for my body type. I would definitely suggest it to others to try.
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    I read that Millard uses this type of training program as well and does two a days I believe. Would love to hear more on the program he uses and the benefit of the two workouts. I like the idea of creating that anabolic window two times per day.
  16. hotdog23

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    Awesome bro, I can't wait to start. I'll post in this thread when I finish. You think it's a program you could stay on indefinetly? Changing the exercises and increasing the weights each run?
  17. Oregonstrong

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    Absolutely, from what I see the possibilities and gains are endless if you follow the program correctly and I thank you for pointing out the mistake I was making.
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    Let us know how it goes brother......
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    Will do! Mayb u can return the favor sometime!
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    No problem brother will do.