Just lol UFC fans who think boxing is over.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by x11, Apr 11, 2018.

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    New breed of scientific wizard fighters coming thru. GGG and Lomachenko have bought in a new era of 4D chess from another spacetime dimension. Serious UFC fighters are studying and incorporating these new styles into their game.

    Here is one of the new freaks of nature;

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    awesome video, awesome boxer.

    I'm an MMA guy, had my first fight in 1993. At 47, I'm still at it, teaching, training, competing. (no more MMA, rather grappling and/or Muay Thai).

    That said, I do not know one MMA guy who thinks that boxing is "over". Everyone that I know enjoy boxing as one of the tools to have in the tool box. I'm primarily a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai guy; but I also take boxing training as a supplement. In fact, my coach is one of the former coaches of the Cuban Olympic team. Awesome sharpening of a tool in the box.

    It has been my experience, that hardcore boxing fans don't much care for MMA. And hey... to each their own.
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    Boxing events are very costly for bars and venues to put on, UFC not so much. Judging in boxing is utter fucking garbage, UFC isnt perfect in that regard but much much better than boxing. UFC fights happen when they need to happen or champs loose their belts. In boxing these guys sit on their belts and dick around with promoters and purses. No boxing isnt dead but its pretty obvious why casual fans gravitate towards UFC.
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    All excellent points I never thought of. What boxing needs are good heavyweights, if boxing had a new wave of Holyfields and Tysons it would come back strong!!
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    Look at the fury Vs Wilder fight that just happened. They finally give us a good heavyweight match and the judges butchered that decision.
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    THe heavyweights in boxing have actually been pretty eventful as of recent. AJ vs Klitchko last year. Wilder vs Fury, there should be a rematch to that. Whyte vs Chisora II was yesterday .The fight that really needs to happen is AJ vs Wilder but the typical boxing bs took that one from the fans (promoters and purses)
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    Ive still yet to see the fight other than the highlights. Fury won every round but the last where got dropped twice so 10-7. probably should have been UD Fury
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    Boxing is one or two bad PPVs from irrelevancy. It just is. The decisions are too controversial. The fighters are getting less exciting. And, on top of that, Americans love blood. MMA is just more exciting. It also doesn’t last 97 rounds.

    Boxing is a great sport, but they need to do better as far as managing it organizationally.
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    This x1000. Too damn much sheltering these cash cows in boxing. Then when they cant hide from the big fights they buy off the judges
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