Just ruined my cycle

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by jasthace, May 19, 2007.

  1. jasthace

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    Well the last five weeks have been great as far as gains go.
    I had'nt done an AAS cycle for a year.
    I ran Anadrol for the first four weeks,while waiting for the test E and deca to kick in.
    I put on 19.2 pounds in those four weeks and my strength went up past that of my last cycle.
    But a did a stupid thing yesterday, that I know better and should not have done.
    I loaded up the bench press to test my one rep max.Which has gone up 66 lbs in the last five weeks.
    Of cause when I got to the bottom of the rep and went to explode the weight up my left pec went rip rip rip.I was left holding the right side of the barbell in the air with the other side on the floor with weights everywhere.
    Today I cant lift my arm much but I can't see any internal bleeding/bruising.
    Please feel free to called me an idiot,which I've been called myself constantly.........:(
  2. Preacher

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    ahhh Jasthace, That sucks balls. Its a fine line cause you always want to see what your max is and when this happends it really sucks. So I guess its pct time for you......
  3. prodigy06

    prodigy06 Junior Member

    that's horrible. have you thought of doing some igf or anything to help the healing?
  4. jmills

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    Man, that sucks in so many ways. Sorry to hear about it bro, but maybe this will serve as a reminder to us all.
    Hope you heal up quick, and don't let it get you down...i tore up my right shoulder a few years ago and now it's stronger than it has any right to be...I have to worry about my left one!
    Take care,
  5. role model

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    I guess your going to have to send me the rest of your gear now.
  6. advanced-stealth

    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    bro that sucks, best of luck on the healing process
  7. Bosnian_Brawler

    Bosnian_Brawler Junior Member

    I hope you'll heal fast and hopefully you can start a new cycle soon....
  8. jasthace

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    Thanks alot gents.
    The swelling is starting to go down now.My whole chest up to my neck has been swollen.
    The blood has manly come out in my bicep with a bit at the bottom side of my left pec.
    I'm going the have to get some hgh or igf 1, getting a bit stringy now days.
    Now exactly a spring chicken any more.
    It's been a big lesson......
    I went back on the Anadrol for a few days and added a bit more test and deca,to help the healing process.
    I'm going to take a few weeks off training,I'm going to thailand on monday{three weeks}
    I was going to tour a few gyms while there but thats not going to happen now.
    So I'll be mainly concentrating on cocktails in the pool bar,yeah,the ones with the little umbrella
    an tropical fruit....:)
  9. bigcountry76

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    yeah don't feel bad. i got happy and my bench press jump up 70 pounds in 3 weeks and my military presses went up 50 pounds and screwed my right shoulder. boy did i ever learn a lesson the hard way. be careful with your chest i pulled my really bad in high when i do over 100 dips at one time. i wish you best of recovery. have fun in Thailand. be there done that. :D
  10. jsupstarz

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    Well, I would go see a doc! If you avulsed your pec and you don't get surgery you won't be able to bench or do any chest pretty much forever. Does the outer upper part of your pec seem to be more toward the center than it was?
  11. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Told you so.:D
  12. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    It is abit rounder on the outside and denser.
    I've got a doc appointment at 2.45 this afvo.
  13. jsupstarz

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  14. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    Well,I went to my GP,he looked quite impressed when he saw what I'd done and made sure he showed his nurse.
    He was unsure if it is a complete pec tear or partical so has refered my to a specialist sports
    They're unable to see me till next week but that does'nt work beause I'll be in Thailand drinking Pina'colardas.
    I'm pretty sure it's just a partial tear as I'm able to lift my arm forward,up and to the side also able to push into the middle of my chest,in a cable fly like motion,and I can tense my chest {not with 100% power}
    It feels as if it's repearing already,and I think I should be able to perform some stretching and perhaps some lights flys{2-5 kg lol} when I get back from my three week vacation.
    The doc did'nt seem too concerned,I think he was more supprised when I took my shirt off as to how much chest muscle I had,and all the blood and bruising made it look impressive.
    Yeah I know I'm an idiot meat head:cool: :eek:
  15. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    WOW, I know somethin's def. prob . torn. Don't ignore it. It's your whole liftin carrer
  16. slimguy

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    Make sure you get a second opinion and do research on your surgeon. I tore my left pec much as you described and went to a surgeon to have it fixed. Well he didnt fix it. The upper portion that connects with the delt is still more straight up and down than it should be (should be like a 45 degree angle to the shoulder) anyway I sued him for 10K and got it, but I didnt have the surgery redone since I didnt want any more screwing around in there. I never gained all my strength back but I have been able to work up to some reasonable weights and get some good new growth. Im now able to do 225 on the incline for 12-15 which is really about as heavy as I'll ever be able to go again. Pre injury I was able to do 315 for 10-12. My surgeon said it wasnt a complete tear either and said that all that really need to be done was to repair the fascia. Most of these guys DO NOT KNOW the intricate structures of muscle. They are more concerned with having it be functional (although that may or may not be a full recovery in your case) as opposed to it being symmetrical. Its a LONG road. Make it very clear what you expect. Show him your uninjured pec and ask whether he can make it look the same. If not, move on.
  17. jsupstarz

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    Well if you can do 315 for 12 on INCLINE, then you are no slim GUY
  18. slimguy

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    Im the "used to" guy now. I spend the majority of my time talking about the good ol' days:rolleyes: