Just started Test Prop this past monday, few questions

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by get_som, Mar 25, 2009.

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    get_som Junior Member

    Well i've been on a 75mg of oral winstrol for well 2 weeks and 2 days now and just added the test prop this past monday, plan on staying on both for the next 6 weeks. Anyways this is my question, i took only a 70mg shot of the test prop with a 22g 1inch needle in my right delt monday, didn't really hurt but you could tell it was in there, some bleeding when needle was pulled out but nothing crazy, also some soreness right after the injection. Massaged it pretty good and it started feeling better and also went and worked out my arms/shoulders that night as i was told it would help move the oil around and help with injection pain. The next morning i woke up and it was a little sore but nothing awful but got progressively worse as the day went out. Pretty stiff by that night, a bit of tenderness in the area and the area also feels hard/stiff to the touch and when trying to stretch the muscle pre workout. Took my 2nd shot tonight in the left delt and there was less injection pain and no bleeding, also used the full 100mg this time. Massaged the area good, some pain but as of right now it feels great. Is this normal, is my left arm going to feel progressively worse as time goes on then better after a few more days? Could it have something to do with just the simple fact that maybe i hit a better spot on the left delt? The right arm is starting to feel a little better today but still noticable sore and stiff, even a little sore in my tricep on that arm too, is that normal as well? Also i read somewhere that some people are allergic to test prop and get cold/flu like symptoms. Just so happends i woke up this morning with stopped up bigger than shit(runny nose, achy, ect.), is that a possibility or more than likely just a common cold?
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    jasthace Member

    It sounds pretty normal but if its still hard after about five days,you'll have to keep a close eye on it.
    Any puffyness around the arm at all?
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    Rick Junior Member

    Good luck. I just finished a 3 week kick start with prop for a 12 week test e and Deca cycle. The prop absolutely killed me..........same thing it would hurt usually starting 24 hours after the injection and then would last 2 days. A couple of things

    1. I would not inject the delts....to small a muscle to absorb what I view as a difficult injection in terms of pain.

    2. Rotate injection sights, I would use both quads and both glutes

    3. I hear that a jacuzzi might help, prop crystallizes in the muscle after the injection, it hjas a higher meltiong point than test e and cyp...so trhe jacuzzi might hel-.

    Otherwise suck it up and welcome to using prop. Thats why I usually run the longer ester tests....I was running 100e0d so imagine how much that hurt
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    get_som Junior Member

    Yea my right arm felt like it got donkey kicked, it is getting a lot better now though, still a little stiff but no where near as sore. Now the left arm is getting sore, it never ends. Next i guess i've got the right glute and then left, i was told to stay away from the leg so i'll try those 4 spots for now. But if this stuff is supposed to do what they say i guess the pain will be worth the reward because i was under the impression that the Test Prop is some pretty good stuff.
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    get_som Junior Member

    And no real puffyness, or atleast nothing that looks out of the ordinary.
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    IAmTheWalrus Junior Member

    You're fine man. I told you... Test Prop hurts.

    And it doesn't help that you're pinning a 22g into your delts. Don't do that. Get a 25g 1 inch for your delts. Luckily your moving onto your glutes now so you can continue with the 22g for the glutes, that's fine. Although a 22 -23g 1.5 inch would be ideal for glutes. A 1.5 inch really ensures you're getting that oil deep into the gluteal muscle where it belongs.

    I would venture to say right now the pain you are experiencing is just as much from the size of the needle as from the Test Prop. And shot pain in general is worse at the beginning... it gets easier as you go along. No worries.
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    Prop is devil juice [}:)]
    Walrus is right, smaller pin and go for the glute, will help. Also maybe a heating pad or hot shower right after you pin it. Helped me but prop is still satan in a bottle.
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    solo47 Member

    Depends on the person, depends on the needle, depends on the method, and depends on the prop. I rarely feel the Test prop ache, but when I do it's in my delts or in my quads, for a couple days (doesn't interfere with lifting). If you inject slow and deep and mix your prop with another oil product, you should have minimal pain. Of course, the best place for slow & deep is upper outer glute or ventrogluteals, and the best needle for slow and deep in glutes is 1.5" and 23g. Do not move that needle once it's all the way in and inject smoothly. Have fun in there!:rolleyes:

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    older-than-dirt Junior Member

    The first time I shot prop in my glute I couldn't sit down for 2 days......Stuff hurts like hell...
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    Rick Junior Member

    Prop F........ing hurts!!!! Did not find the results any better than Test e......just quicker.,
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    get_som Junior Member

    And what is the deal with some people being allergic to prop and getting flu like symptoms?
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    Renegade69 Member

    Its called test flu, and you can get it from all types of test...not just prop....not too sure on the exact cause but im sure someone will chime in
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    get_som Junior Member

    I'll have to say that for no longer than i've been on everything im pretty impressed, especially considering on my days off i dont eat as much as i should.
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    MrSen08 Junior Member

    Test flu is from a large sudden change in hormone levels. Usually when people try to front load long esters ie 1500mg of cyp in the first week as an example.

    Prop hurts it is just the nature of the game.
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    Juggernaut1228 Junior Member

    Why in the hell would you inject in your delts? Rotate right glute to right quad to left quad to left gulet than start over. It's what I did while front loading my cylcle and it spread it out where the pain wasn't that bad. I definetely wouldn't inject prop anywhere else.
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    get_som Junior Member

    That's where i was told to inject at, sometimes the pain is worse than other times. Its hit or miss for some reason, sometimes it hurts for 3-4 days and sometimes it's not that bad at all for just 2 days. But i heard sometimes when you put it in your quads you can hit a nerve, leg start to twitch and your fucked. Plus i value being able to walk because this shit hurts.

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