just started using lats in bench

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Kgkle, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Kgkle

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    im benching 315 for 5 reps with out my lats and today just started using my lats and it makes a big difference. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how much this will help out my bench. Is this a must do in powerlifting? ( I’m more of a bro lifter\ body builder)
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    Yes... You need a strong set of lats to bench well.. Your bb rows should be trained as much as your bench..

    Using your lats or "hardening your armpit" when you initiate the press from the bottom is just a classic cue for powerful benching
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  3. Kgkle

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    Sounds good man I was impressed on how easy I was able to push through the last few reps.
  4. One of the best ques for all 3 of the lifts.
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  5. Oldschool

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    Any other tips on the "ques" in regards to bench excercises? I ask cause I have a shoulder that gives me fits and looking for any advice on training chest while being easy on the shoulders. Good warm up and stretching protocols in place.
  6. Where at in your shoulder specifically?

    Keeping your back tight and shoulder blades pinched together should help. Something you could utilize is using a small band stretched from wrist to wrist. So get a band like this, or a bigger one and tie it off to make it shorter.
    You put both of your wrist inside of the band so that you literally have to pull the band apart to get your hands to where you would normally grip the barbell.

    That and a football bar are all I can think of at the moment. If you don't have a football bar, neutral grip on DB's works too
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  7. ickyrica

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    The width of a bench significantly impacts my shoulders when benching. I'll bench on a Thompson fat pad in the cage when available. Generic width benches are something I stay away from because I always get shoulder pain now. I've been toying with an idea actually, a bench attachment that can extend the width of a standard bench. Work in progress lol.
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  8. Kgkle

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    The “typical” bench width is where your forearms are straight not on any sort angle. This would put unnecessary force on your shoulders. Proper angle for most should be shoulder width apart.
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    A que I like for benching is to treat it almost as a row on the descent. Thinking that way helps me remember to engage the lats.
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