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    solo47 Member

    Hi all. I'm nearly 59 but still a bodybuilder who runs AAS cycles. Looks like I did not recover from my last cycle! It's been four months and both my Total and Free Test are way down. Doc said he'd put me on either AndroGel or some kind of stick on patch. I told him with my experience I could easily do injects but, no, it's androgel for 3 months. After 2 months he wants me to do bloodwork to see where I am at.

    Trouble izzat I have Test prop, Test enanthate, masteron, & even a small amount of tren e just sitting here. I have a girlfriend I'm going to see soon and want to enter a powerlifting contest in mid-March. Wondering how I can handle this to still get on AAS right now then come down far enough to show the doc I am still low on Test in two months, then hopefully he'll up my script to weekly injections. At that time I'll renew my full cycle. Yes, I want the security of AndroGel, but I also want to get back on cycle.

    I'm thinking of just doing Test prop now maybe along with some AndroGel for the next month and a week, then dropping everything but the Androgel for the next three weeks until my bloodwork is done. Test prop ester leaves quickly so I should have low enough Test for my bloodwork that the doc moves me up to weekly injects. At that time, I can begin my full cycle of AAS for 12 weeks, then fall back down for several months on the TRT alone.

    Does this make sense, or I am just being a non-cooperative bitch?

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    biceps72 Member

    I wouldn't do anything BUT androgel!!!!!! you won't be sorry once you get your hormones back on order.
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    solo47 Member

    But surely androgel is not concentrated enough to help with bodybuilding or to go into the red zone of libido. It just gets one up to "normal", does it not? Normal is great, but i only want to be there between AAS cycles. Not possible to have my cake & eat it too?

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    Bridger Member

    It is possible to have your cake and eat it too. Just not always when we want.

    No androgel won't do anything for mass. But if your libido is shot now, im sure it will help as androgel converts to DHT more than E2. I would just do the gel for a few weeks and see how things go before adding something else in.

    What kind of doc is it?
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    solo47 Member

    My doctor is just a regular GP. He flat would not allow injections "which have a tendency to fluctuate wildly between the end of injection period and just after a new injection". I'm thinking, "What do they prescribe, Test prop?" Test cyp once a week shouldn't fluctuate that much, should it?

    Yes, I would go for two months on AndroGel alone then take my blood test, but I kind of want my bloodtest to be low. Unless I get advice here that AndroGel is plenty for cruising between cycles. Besides I'm going to visit the lady I intend to marry across the province this weekend, and I know AndroGel won't kick in by that time. I've just been so listless that when the doc wrote the script for the AndroGel that I'll pick up today, I gave myself a shot of Test prop 200 mg last night. Figure I can get two more in before the weekend.

    Then I'll lay off the AAS and stick with AndroGel until bloodtest time, if I can. I am just craving life-energy, man!

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    JanSz Junior Member

    So your customary is 3-200mg or 600mg/week

    Do you have any previous blood tests that would have your DHT, E2 and possibly prolactin levels?

    Sex depend more on those three than on Total Test levels.

    Also, do you have your SHBG and Albumin levels?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Wondering how I can handle this to still get on AAS right now then come down far enough to show the doc I am still low on Test in two months,

    I am assuming that you want to do (Test Propionate) 200mg EOD every other day, as long as possible and then want to stop and wait long enough for a blood draw. then you want that blood draw to be low.

    Half life of testosterone propionate=2 days
    Roid Calculator

    While on Testosterone entantate or cypionate guys need minimum 100mg/week to have normal level.
    I assume that if you have half of that (50mg) or less your blood test should show low test.

    I did crude spreadsheet.
    Within 9 days you should stabilize at 400mg level.
    As long as you want to be at that level, keep doing 200mg Testosterone propionate every other day.
    If you want to stop, next day after last shot, call it day #1.
    On a day # 4 or #5 it is safe for you to go for a blood draw and expect to be low on TotalTest.

    Make sure it is propionate.

    You can use Roid Calculator if your brand of propionate is included in Roid calculator.
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    Crazy Crew

    Crazy Crew Member

    Androgel effects everyone differently. Personally my last BW had my test at 1056 and E2 at 104.I was doing 10mg daily. Some have immidiate responces while some take a day or two. If you quit using the androgel 3 or 4 days before the next blood work your T levels should be back in the low range.

    I have some test C from that has an anobolic rating of 100 per 1mi. I have noticed that the local script test c has an anobolic rating of 200 per mi which translates to me that it is twice as strong. Am I misreading this?
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    solo47 Member

    You know, JanSz, Old Sport, I appreciate the research and the application of your knowledge very much. However, I think I appreciate your not being judgmental even more. I know I should just be humble and thankful my doctor was willing to put me on androgel* at all. [*Actually, the cream is made by a local pharmacy, not actual AndroGel, and is in very concentrated form. I rub in only .2 ml or 50 mg daily.] But at nearly 59, I remain a proud, if lean bodybuilder, and very much like a vigorous physical life, so I fear that "normal" as I age will not satisfy me. I do not intend to stay jacked up but to cycle AAS (usually Test e & EQ) for about 12 weeks at a time twice a year and do the gel (or maybe later Test cyp at 200 mg/EW) in between times. I also use hGH as much as I can, always if possible. I will not go gentle into that good night.

    Yes, my libido has been startlingly low this past autumn & over the holidays, but I can already feel the change from my two shots of Test prop. It's my understanding that the gel takes about two months to make a real difference, so I thought to myself, why wait? I hit the gym hard today and am driving to the arms (& legs:D) of my ladylove on Friday, confident that the Force is with me.:rolleyes:


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    solo47 Member

    Thanks for the info, CC. Might I ask how many ml is equal to your 10 mg of AndroGel?

    Seems to me you're reading the mgs per ml exactly right. 200 mg per ml is fairly common. I have some Test enanthate on hand that is 400 mg per ml:).

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    JanSz Junior Member

    keep your DHEAs(500-640)

    Test propionate goes in and out, check your Estrodial, may be high.
    If high, consider splitting dose and shoot every day.
    Estrodial affects libido.

    Not sure how thick is propionate, I use enanthate and can suck it in and shut with this needle,
    I do shots every day, one day T next day hcg.

    BD Ultrafine II U-100 Insulin Syringe 31 Gauge 3/10cc 5/16inch Short Needle--1/2 Unit Markings 100/b Price: $25.95

    Usefull tests, no need to have doctor or prescription,
    there is many more, I just list those that came to my mind::

    Private MD - Buy Lab Tests Online
    Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) -------- $68.99
    Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate -------- $68.99
    Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) -------- $119.99
    Estradiol, Sensitive -------- $68.49
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    Pregnenolone -------- $98.49
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    Thyroid TSH w/ Free T4 & Free t3 -------- $78.49
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    Crazy Crew

    Crazy Crew Member

    As near as I have been able to understand it; 10mg of Androgel equates to 1cc of test c with a 200 anabolic .
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    JanSz Junior Member

    There is so many numbers and concepts going that I will just say what I think.

    Androgel is 1%, often daily dose is 10grams~10mL.
    that 10 grams contains 100mg testosterone.
    1% of 10000mg -->100mg

    Weekly that makes 700mg applied to skin, only small amount makes to blood.
    I was using 10grams of Androgel/day and my TotalTest=1100
    Now I also have TT=1100, I use 175mg/week of TestEnantate (Depo-Testosterone) divided into 50mg dose EOD EveryOtherDay
    My Depo-Testosterone have density of 200mg/mL
    Half life of TestEnantate is 5 days

    You are using
    Testosterone propionate
    Half life of Testosterone propionate=2 days

    Because of such a short half-life it clears blood quickly, similarly to Androgel.
    Possibly faster, test from Androgel is accumulated in fat tissue, it may stay longer there.
    But it (propionate) also should be injected very often, daily if not more often.

    Any transdermal testosterone will raise DHT, most often very very high.
    I told you that after stopping Testosterone propionate on #4th or #5th day your blood should have low TT.

    You can do your injections using 31Ga needle all along but in the last couple days either add a day or two or swith to longer needles, making sure that you injecting into muscles.

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