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    Been a while since I was on this forum (2001? I think) but some may know me from other forums i've been on.
    We offer both Dom and INTL services.

    Our INTL service deals with a premium line of blends, of which were always happy to hear feedback for new items you may want to see.

    Here's the list, i will add ALP contact email as soon as possible. The BAL email is listed however for everything BAL!

    Thanks all,



    APRIL 1, 2014
    - MINIMUM ORDER - 300USD + 30USD Postage fee

    - Contact information -
    (Please note only BAL email is listed, ALP list will be listed shortly, please dont email the BAL email in relation to ALP)


    Please do not email us asking for a 'list'. List will always be updated on the forum(S).



    BESPOKE ANABOLIC LABS (BAL), an International Range of Mixes

    If you want something from this range please read the FAQ's

    Lean Mass
    Order Code: LM
    tren Acetate 100mg/mL
    Test Prop 125mg/mL ----- 85USD
    Contains 25% EO, Cotton Seed Oil

    Lean Nandro Prop
    Order Code: LNP
    NPP 100mg/mL
    Test Phenyl Prop 100mg/mL ---- 85USD
    Contains 50% EO, Cotton Seed Oil

    Super Nandro Test
    Order Code: SNT
    Nandrolone Dec 150mg/mL
    Test Cyp 200mg/mL ------------ 90USD
    Contains 25% EO, Cotton Seed Oil


    SuperMans Plus (50mg Sildenenfil / 20mg tadalafil Citrate)
    28 Sessions/tablets ---- 85USD
    Order Code: SMP

    Super Mass (Anadrol 37.5mg / Dball 25mg)
    2/day for 1 months (56 tablets) ---- 100USD
    Order Code: SMAS

    Super Cuts (Stanzolol 50mg)
    1/day for 6 weeks (42 tablets) ---- 85USD
    Order Code: SCT

    tamoxifen 20 (Tamoxifen 20mg)
    4 weeks Supply (28 tablets) ---- 25USD
    Order Code: TAM

    clomid 50 (Clomiphine 50mg)
    4 weeks Supply (28 tablets) ---- 25USD
    Order Code: CL

    More to come...



    ALPHALABS Retail List


    - none


    'ALP' branded Tablets:
    Item number/Product/Strength/Quantity/Cost

    A1 - Dianabol 20mg, 100 tabs. 50USD

    A2 - Stanazolol 50mg, 100 tabs. 50US$

    A3 - Anadrol 50mg, 100 tabs 50US$

    A4 - Anavar 20mg, 50 tabs - 50USD

    A5 - Meridia - out

    A6 - Clomid 50mg, 50 tabs 35US$

    A7 - Proviron 25mg - 100 tablets - 70USD

    A8 - cialis 20mg, 50 tabs. - 30USD

    A9 - viagra 50mg, 50 tabs. - 30USD

    A10 - oral turinabol 20mg, 100 tbs - 70USD - OUT OF STOCK

    A11 - arimidex 2mg, 50 tabs. - 50USD

    A12 - letrozole 2.5mg, 50 tabs. - 30USD - OUT OF STOCK

    A13 - Levita - out

    A14 - nolvadex 20mg, 100 tabs. - 35USD

    A15 - aromasin - out
    A16 - Halo - out


    These come in generic plain pouches.
    'ALP' embossed tablets.

    A1B - Dianabol 20mg tablet - 2000 tablets - 780US$

    A2B - Stanazolol 50mg - 1000 tablets - 450US$

    A3B - Anadrol 50mg - 1000 tablets - 450US$

    A4B - Anavar 20mg - 250 tablets - 240US$

    A5B - Meridia 10mg - 300 tablets - 70US$ - OUT OF STOCK

    A6B - Clomid - INQUIRE

    A7B - Proviron 25mg - 500 tablets - 300USD

    A8B - Cialis 20mg, 250 tablets - 115US$

    A9B - Viagra 50mg, 250 tablets - 115US$


    A11B - Arimidex 2mg, 250 tabs. - 200USD

    A12B - Letrozole 2.5mg, 250 tabs. - 75USD - OUT OF STOCK

    A13B - Levitra - out

    A14B - Nolvadex 20mg, 500 tabs - 120USD

    A15B - Aromasin - out
    A16B - Halo - out


    Item number/Product/Strength/Cost

    ~~100% Guaranteed Delivery~~

    O1 - testosterone Enanthate 300mg/mL - 34USD OUT OF STOCK

    01B - Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/mL - 29USD

    O2 - NPP 100mg/mL - 24USD

    03 - Sustanon 300 - (Prop 40mg, Phenyl 70mg, Iso 70mg, Decanoate 120mg) - 45USD

    O4 - Nandrolone Decanoate 300mg/mL - 37USD

    O5 - Testosterone Propinate 100mg/mL - 20USD

    O6 - masteron Propionate 100mg/mL - 35USD

    06b - Masteron Enanthate 200mg/mL - 40USD

    O7 - EQ 300mg/mL - 40USD

    O8 - Tren Ace. 100mg/mL - 38USD

    O9 - Tren Enanthate 200mg/mL - 40USD

    O10 - T400 - Test E 200mg /Test Cypionate 200mg - 40USD

    O11 - Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/mL - 28USD
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    Top of the line supps here!He has been around forever...
  4. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    I'm surprised to see you here. Guys, he is GTG. I've been using this guy for years. There's a $300 minimum but I guarentee you that $300 will get you a HUGE stash.
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  5. ebkallday

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    $300 minimum and $30 for shipping? Even for domestic??? A lab that is new to this forum???? Uh, no way am I dropping that kind of cash on a lab I know nothing about.

    Kubrick, is there anyway you could confirm this is the actual guy you are thinking it is?
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  6. Kubrick

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    Yeah. I'll ask him off of here if it's him. Once he posts the email I'll know right away.
  7. reefman

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    when do you think youll get some more aromasin in
  8. showstoppa

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    I know my whole one post doesn't mean a damn thing but I have know karius since this 01 on this board. Well before the saftware change and when this board was the wild wild west. I don't know if this is really him or not, if it is then you are in good hands. He is legend and is one of the few that survived raw deal.
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  9. mugzy

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    I wouldn't complain to much about shipping cost as you cannot be sure what his packing and shipping methods require, what is important is quality and quick turn around. Also Karius is not new to meso I remember when he started sourcing on meso 12-13 years ago. You will not find many sources that have had a long positive track record such as this one.

    I have confirmed with him it is infact K.
  10. Kubrick

    Kubrick Member

    Guys, I'm really surprised to see him here, selling. This is karius. This is great gear and you will be in good hands. I wanted to keep this one to myself!
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
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  11. drockspang1

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    VERY good lab here fellas. Ran ALP last year. Do some homework... Legendary!
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  12. Zaven

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    True legend here....no worries with Karius
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  13. joe0035

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    Damn I keep seeing his name pop up here with some very reliable long time guys speaking of the quality. I am pretty sure it was his mast e that was sent to labmax for them to test and hopefully develop a test kit for mast e finally and it tested 100% mast e and they will have a labmax out soon for it! SO THANK YOU Karius and glad you decided to come back!
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  14. jayb

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    I am a little confused, dont these guys have to go through the vetting process?
  15. pumpingiron22

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    check out the source code. Its a good read.
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  16. Voltrader

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    Here is the problem and the first major test of the Source CoC. I agree these are stellar references. Karius I only ask this how do you address the source code of conduct the main reason being it has kept some shady characters at bay and from taking money from members here at meso. How do we keep that integrity in place. Your references are far much more then anyone in the past month and half have even been able to do. I am sure actually that you can address all items except one anyways and it is pictures. I personally feel the references worth more than the pictures. Thoughts? I don't know Karius might even appease us with pics. I just know some douchebag is going to come along and say what about Karius.
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  17. showstoppa

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    To me it is a little different with karius. He has proven himself for over 10 years. Now I wouldn't be surprised to see him address the source cOc
  18. sable

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    Does the oral pouches have labels on them?

  19. Gunrunner

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    I would like to get BB69s take if this is really K. If so then that is good enough for me. No offense to anyone else.

    Also, a Super Mass of Adrol/Dbol works well. I've never used K's but I have used this combo before with good results.
  20. I remember Karius from years ago. Legend. Wish the mininum was cheaper.......:(