Kenneth Brown: 67-Year Old Bodybuilding Champion is Totally Against Steroid Use – Unless Prescribed

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  1. Mac11wildcat

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    In an unknown bodybuilding organization, in a late masters division, judging other bodybuilders. Amazing.

    Odds this guy isn’t on some sort of TRT and that’s why it’s “ok.”

    Stay in your lane. Zero need to put your bullshit opinion out there to grandstand.
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Umm OK.
  3. Mac11wildcat

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  4. MindlessWork

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    Not even sure if he's natty. Why should he even talk?
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  5. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Because he’s a cunt.

    If he’s over 60 he’s either extremely genetically gifted or juiced. Which doesn’t bother me one bit. But don’t lie. Just avoid the question. Fucking Josh Lenartowicz did the same shit. You’re 280 and shredded. We all know you’re not natty. Just avoid the topic.
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  6. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    There’s no natty in them bones
  7. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Fixed. ;)

    Not gonna lie though but he looks great for someone over 60 (even if juicing).
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  8. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Hell yeah he looks great- maybe he’s looking for promo $$, but he’s juicing
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Now will we someday see some 80 something year old masters bb'er making the same claim as this clown?
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  10. Munky

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    Maybe he has demantia
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  11. ironwill1951

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    kind of a play on words says unless prescribed by a dr hell its not that hard to find a doc that will give you a script for just about anything;
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  12. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Exactly. He’s grandstanding for his 15 seconds of fame.
  13. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Looks like hgh abs...
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  14. Semantics.
  15. master.on

    master.on Member

    No way he's natty.
    And he's way over normal HRT dosages.


    I hope I still look like that when I get old (minus the GH gut).
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