Kicked out of the bed!

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  1. Wife kicked me out of the bed for tonight. Crazy woman says I sweat to much when I sleep!...

    God this tren is good!
  2. kendallkmw

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    What lab? A or E?
  3. Eman

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    If the tren was actually good you would have walked onto her side of the bed, picked her up, and tossed her onto the nearest guest bed or couch and told her to enjoy.

    Kicked outta bed... Like hell, woman.
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    Lol, there may be some sex in betweeen getting picked up from the bed and dropped on the couch. Can't forget that
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  5. LOL! I should have thought about that. That is Epic.

  6. "A"......R&R.
  7. kendallkmw

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    Might have to give that a shot on my next blast. Bad thing is is that I already have an entire cycle on hand.

    Off topic here but any of you guys give feedback of when I should drop tren before TRT testing. I was going to drop everything and cruise a full 4 weeks just to be safe. I've seen people say that Tren won't effect labs.
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    Brother I feel your pain. 100mg tren a ed for three weeks. I had to stop. My wife put a shower curtain under my sheet and made me sleep on a towel. I ruined two pillows in week. My work shirts the smell won’t come out of them.. she has a lot of anger towards me and The “TREN”. I had to stop it. She told me if I start it up again I will be sleeping on a blow up mattress in the family room... I can’t say I am not gonna give it a go again but yes I feel your pain.
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    I'm running SAS tren A at 80mg ed and the only side I've experienced is poor sleep. Toss a couple of advil pms back before bed and I'm golden. Am I just one of the lucky ones here.

  10. She has no idea i'm on cycle right now. She did have that look on her face the other night when I fucked the holy ghost out of a where did that come from, scared look hahaha...
  11. I am running 75mg EOD. Really the only sides are the night sweats and to be honest they are not that bad when I stop eating a few hours before bed. Insane pumps and a rape like sex drive but I consider those to be "good sides"....
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    Well I'm sitting in a waiting room about to get a work physical & I just laughed out loud, thanks buddy haha!
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  13. Do you also feel little to no burn when injecting like both at the site and elsewhere? The 1 time I used rnr I felt the slight burn in the back of my throat compared to an ever so slight tingle using sas but decided to go with sas anyway. I do feel some side effects tho, shorter temper, bad cardio, occasional heartburn.
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    Oh nothing compared to DNP sweats tho.
    Shell kick you outta your own house for those
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  16. Dr JIM

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    Let’s see who rules the roost in your home, NOT you!

    Which makes me wonder, how much time are you spending in the gym, rather than at WORK.

    The point, those who bring home the bacon control the purse strings, and those who control the purse strings to rule the roost.

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    He could make more money but she is on more test than he is so she can simply just over power him?
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    Dude...I that was hilarious.
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    Haha nice thread guys
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    Hey Dr.Jim have replys/quotes from in my email.Why is this?