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Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by ickyrica, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. ickyrica

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  2. DocGreen

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    DAMN. That 355 went up way too fast. That’s impressive as hell! Good for her
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    Strong AF. She seems to have her shit straight. It’s these kids bending like spaghetti in the ugliest clean/squat/bench reps of all time under the eye of “strength coaches” that worry me.
  4. Holidaypay

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    Its them trenbalony sandwiches everyone eating now lol all jokes aside good shit she ain't messing around
  5. Fuck the bench....430 front squat??!?!?!?!
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  6. Morefyah

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    What’s she like 35 % bf?
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  7. ickyrica

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    Close. 53%
  8. Morefyah

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    Either way I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. Imagine that big bitch charging at you. No thanks! :eek:
  9. MindlessWork

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    She should do quite well on some powerlifting team and putting the guys to shame. Putting up that kind of weight is humbling.
  10. MindlessWork

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    Bet you would turn tail and run away lol
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  11. ickyrica

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    Kinda like the water boys mom
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  12. Probably swapped the skittles for D-bols.
  13. Perrin Aybara

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    Was gonna say at least she can't outlift me when I saw the bench and then I saw the front squat...
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  14. T-Bagger

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    Lol, hell yeah. Her mom swapped out her Flintstone’s Kids for pink hearts.
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  15. ickyrica

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    Fat or not, she's doing her thing. Gotta respect that
  16. Worf

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    Bench body weight? Still a feat for a 15 year old regardless